Spahn and sold Soldano: "It's like a cas cas"


Franco Soldano was selling the Union on Santa Fe and spoke on Friday Luis Spahn, president of the institution.

"It's like a cas turn", he spared Spahn regarding the need to sell Soldano at the moment that the club is going through, in an interview with Argentina's Chain 3.

"It's hard, what could be achieved, there was a promise that the player will release", he explained the Tatengue president in a conversation with Central Deportiva. And he showed: "The money he had for him to return his way back to his accomplishment, he destroys his head", the headteacher said.

Spahn confirmed that the Union will clean 800,000 dollars and an additional 450,000 pay if some of the objectives are given. In addition, there are 15% sales at Santa Fe's season.

"This is a three-dimensional business and the player is very important. I did not expect to go to Mexico," said the president. He said: "We had three or four of our offers, and we're not very different. Greece was the one with whom it was nice.

Spahn also stressed that one of the problems for the rejuvenation was that they were leaving a clause leaving 1.5 million dollars from side to side; player. "We promised he had a good semester and clubs with more money. And he did not happen."

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