Spain gives to Máracò Mòr the Grand Cervantes Theater in Tangier


The Spanish Council of Ministers has adopted a decision to allow signature and execution of its & # 39; protocol between Spain and Morocco on the unacceptable service of the Grand Cervantes Theater Tangier, said by the Spanish Government. .

This sale derives from the Moroccan government's bid to revitalize and direct the theater as an alternative to being an owner and a commitment to doing it; preserving the Spanish stamp in the cultural program of this institution.

The transfer of this building to Morocco will be made through a protocol which is an international agreement, according to format and content. The two columns of the Spanish Parliament need to accept the text.

The Spanish Government remembers that the Grand Cervantes Theater in Tangier is one of the most important cultural buildings in the Straits, emphasizing that a major architectural value building is required to be revived.

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