Spain: The White White logo is a huge move in our country


There is another reason in Hacienda and Mercadona to worry.

Amazon, a company that created the work actively online, has been proven to restore the food sector. He wants to be a resource for everything and that food has a special strategy. It's a food in a section that has not been in & # 39; affecting some of the emergencies, as families are almost unable to cut their costs there, although revenue is short cut. This makes it a big market. For example, in Spain, food prices were more than 100,000 million berries in 2016.

To give an example of Amazon's commitment to food, last year he bought the Whole Foods supermarket series and is currently aiming to reach all Americans with their own offer. In Europe, it is said that they are behind a large chain, such as Carrefour or DIA. But at this time, and without adequate construction, the strategy they are trying to attack is market using white features.

Spanish market

In Spain, there is a clear leadership on the food market and Mercadona is over; there. She has a 24% share, compared to 8.5% of Carrefour, this is the second one. The percentage online of this area is still low, it is about 1-2%. And Mercadona is also influencing it, with a share of 46% (this data was supplied by the director of Mercadona Tech). Anyone who bought at Mercadona Online is sure to be surprised, because their knowledge leaves a lot to want.

So Mercadona is an important player that, despite poor online knowledge, can be able to play a " affecting that market. Then we will examine how it will complete it.

Amazon has been promoting the sale of foodstuffs in Spain for a while. The first thing he did was put in & # 39; his catalog, uncomfortable products, was a relatively simple, but not until he started selling new products through his Prime Now platform in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, with rapid delivery (up to 2h from the order) and to grow as big as supermarkets a day.

This has caused that, according to the study of The Cocktail, Amazon's online retail sales quota is 14%. Although this study says Mercadona has 22%, compared to 46% we have said previously. Despite the figures, the related data is clear: Mercadona is the headteacher and there is a debate between the two places between Amazon and Carrefour. But everything is for a small market in the whole, but that's getting strong and it will continue to expand it. grow, as seen in the USA.

The Amazon strategy

Although Amazon does not buy a large store who has a presence in Spain (as I said, the facts have been added to Carrefour and also to Day, although the strategy that comes to out to fall clearly). On the one hand, you have a banned product catalog in your "normal" shop, with fast and cheap ships for those registered in Amazon Prime.

On the other hand, there is a Prime Now store for residents in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia to deliver less than one hour (with a charge) or in two hours (with no minimum cost of order order). There are new materials here, in fact it is very strong. That is the special campaigns, not like Mercadona that he has several days or Carrefour he will deliver the next day.

But the Spanish market has everything special. The main one is that we usually buy materials with white leaflets, which are cheaper. The main reason is that we have used it very well: Mercadona has very good white signs.

So, Amazon also has launched its white motto. In a non-food he was always on Amazon Baskets, but is now in a food for a few months Happy Belly and Wickedly Prime.

And we should be aware of another issue: Amazon usually has hidden hidden signs. This has been seen over the years, many of the products that they are selling are, indeed, made by Amazon, but are not advertised. There is a bit of research that has found dozens of hidden marks by Amazon.

What is the reason for doing this? There are several candidates, no 100% were different because Amazon does not talk about it. The first one could be & # 39; worrying the companies that use their logistics platform, as if they found out that they did not. They sold their produce they could leave the platform. Another reason could be to create edge: when Amazon finds that there is a range of materials that will; sells well, makes it a decision, put it at competitive price and stimulate it in inquiries. And another is an illegal purpose to store a section of items: if you want to sell many bags but so many brands are not encouraging them to put it, Amazon will put their modules to the more abundant resource, and so attracts customers and other posts.

How it is in nutrition is very important and therefore recognize the signal. Then, the hidden messages strategy does not think it will work well in this case, if they do it. And at the moment it seems that there are: only results of branded brands and these new white mottoes.

Mercadona Strategy

In fact Mercadona is more clear than Amazon, at least as long as a white logo is responsible. It has been encouraging their names for years (Hacienda, Bosque Verde, etc), which are usually of good quality and reformed prices. This has allowed the catalog to be reduced, strong for its products and to be effective when they need less mix.

Batadona Warehouse

In an online case, it has already been seen as directors although they have a bad website and although logistics is based on their sources (many of them, 1627, but not not flexibility). However, they have a prototype of a new, much newer website, in trials in Valencia and with medium logistics. The website has a very good knowledge of the website, with more focus on smart lists and the main shops that are on the program page (which protects them diligently); Amazon is more important on a program page and this is a problem to make powerful purchases with many things, although Prime Now is less than a complaint.

So, the director does not rest on his laurels and has a lot of web site with mobile applications. It benefits the acquisition of well-known materials, nearby stores, a good brand without murky cases (such as batteries with bargains or tax bans) and a more focused focus on food.

Do we look at a problem for Mercadona?

Amazon brands are launching Amazon as a clear indication that they want to go for their food market, and Mercadona should be very aware. Amazon users do not pay for their & # 39; Prime Minister can be seen as a sinking cost (though it is) but as an investment, and just as it is; removed e-commerce to other websites to save travel costs (although other websites are cheaper plus travel expenses) they can also be taken from Mercadona. The problem of Amazon with price food and white features (hidden or not) is horrible.

The war is long and hard, but Mercadona's benefits are also: he has a lot of knowledge in Spain, a big quote, an identity and an ultimate online strategy. For me, the most important thing is, although the website is very bad and its mobile phone demand, the Spanish leader, is also online. It is not possible, therefore, to estimate what people value their materials for other purposes.

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