"Sparkling", "impeccable", "make a decision": the press presses down on Eden Hazard's game against Russia.


The performance of the Red Devil, a double author, is unanimous.

There's a 39;Belgium 3-1 against Russia Thursday Thursday at the King Baudouin stadium, starting really well for their Euro 2020 certificates. A mistake that the Belgian and foreign governments could not help by recording. Le Soir also gives a score of 4. When a delay in letting him in the floor, the total misunderstanding is, he feels – it's just true – Dzyuba is enough to see him give up. secular gag (16). Everything is more difficult because the first half of the project ends with no other Russian possibility "Write to our journalists Young Kruyts and François Laurent.

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Feelings Het Laatste Nieuws, the life of Thibaut Courtois, is shared in Hiet Laatste Nieuws she was not as good as the Red Devil "But the Flemish believes there is a need to forgive the visitor, which is in a difficult time in Real Madrid." When Eden Hazard has a team, the gamekeeper can make a mistake , HLN notes.

"You are the only one": French users will be opened on Thibaut Courtois

Risk is also unanimous. " A new and impressive performance that merely sends almost any kind in the body concerned ", Frédéric Larsimont Notes" As RTL welcomes him " t Eden Hazard XXL RTBF, that thinks that is another time when deciding And De Standaard isn't, Dangerous danger ".

West-France writes “ winning serene, if it is not excellent in Belgium “For the French every day there is no doubt: the Devils can give thanks to Eden Hazard, which is in a good shape, and the newspaper matters on it. T high tech The Devils but regrets the lack of creativity ".

To his side, it is estimated that Belgium has perfectly managed Being eligible for a Euro, Into timid day The Russians. To test the Daily Mail, the Devil's speed has forced the Russian defense.

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