Speaking with the sweet riddles in the Wanna One music video


At 18:00 on 19/11 (local time), Wanna One officially restored their "Spring Breeze" album together with 1¹¹ = 1 (Power of Destiny) schedule. "Perhaps this is the last result of 11 Donnie's one member coming back together.

The title "Spring Breeze" is a humorous song sister that binds the time to create a solitary tune.In the MV In the MV, the members appeared in the beautiful sky. The fun pictures are fun together and many beautiful moments In this MV, the fans are very stupid and they do not regret when their group is going to & # 39; finishing their work.

The pictures were fun games together and many beautiful moments in the MV made the heart of melting fans

MV "Spring Breeze" – Wanna One

After two hours of the distributor, "Spring Breeze" will spread all the music clips in the Dress and his / her; visit Realtime All-kill. Wanna One promotes a final commitment to make more achievements for the organization in the future.

Accompanying the wonderful times in the & # 39; Wanna One's final music video - Picture 4.

Wanna One "Spring Breeze" hit Realtime All-Kill in 2 hours

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