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Alasdair Zverev finished the dream weekend. He did not even fight against Federer and Djokovic. The service formally worked. Picture: Reuters

Zverev finished his dreamily tennis year. He has not appeared at the Grand Slam competitions. This year he played for his first time in the finals on Roland Garros. It has not arrived on Melbourne and New York for more than three walks, and in Wimbledon from the eighth final. Picture: Reuters

Djokovic was scapte in the final. He made many mistakes from the base line. Picture: Reuters

Jack Sock and Mike Bryan were b. best at the double competition. Picture: Reuters

David Beckham and his son Romeo were very happy with her. last gangs. Picture: Reuters

Srb showed the worst performance in the second half of the season

November 18, 2018 at 7:00 pm,
Last Intervention: November 18, 2018 at 20:39
London – MMC RTV SLO

Alexander Zverev influenced his first player in the world Novak Djokovic with 6: 4 and 6: 3 in final of the final head teacher in London. The 21-year German was a & # 39; Looking forward to his career.

The final lasted for an hour and 20 minutes. Their favorite Djokovic did not play, even to the finals, the worst performance in the second half of the season. He made 20 inconsistent mistakes and hit only seven "winners". Zverev was correctly served, Ten aces suffered and he did only 18 inconvenient mistakes. The ratio was in the points that won 57:46.

In the first set, the nineteenth game was essential. Djokovic added two antibodies to the net at 30/30 and lost his service. Zverev got every game on his first hit, he was sure, even in one game, he did not know; "Nole" can collect more the point.

Zverev Velemojstrsko played the closing ball
The Serb lost the service in the opening game of the second set, but then got equal to 1: 1. The animal quickly got up and the third game came to a new bankruptcy. The benefit was then reliably maintained and built by 5: 3. In the ninth game, Đoković returned again and got himself in a series by 15/40. The first member had a & # 39; Finishing is still saved, and then Zverev hit a very special parallel parallel. He fell to the ground and looked forward to his / her; greatest impact.

"This is my biggest impact. I can not describe the feelings. In the second half of the season, Djokovic was never lost. This week we played twice. He lost one game here, in my fortune against him. With Novak we are good friends, we often talk about different subjects of life. We know each other very well and I can not tell you what we have already said, "said Zverev, who had a long speech. The microphone did not want to let it.

Djokovic: Crash loss will not cause a good season
"Zverev played much better than in group work and won a victory. I'm still young enough to play for another few years in this competition. This time I did not show the best games, but this should not be & # 39; good season damage, "explained Djokovic.

The Germans were waiting for 23 years for their stay; won at final maker
Zverev won the tenth title of ATP competitions and one fifth in this year's season. A & # 39; First German from Boris Becker in 1995 to win the final of the eight. He placed a pocket of $ 2,509,000 in his pocket and 1,300 points for the ATP level. It ends the season for the second year after its # 39; fourth place. In this year's season, he added so many 58 impacts on the ATP tour, the highest among the tennis players.

On Wednesday, Nole sent him out
Best 31-year-old Djokovic in 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. In the last half of the year he was a class for himself. In the O2 Arena to final finals, he did not give up and he did not lose his first visit. On Wednesday, Zvereva dropped 6: 4 and 6: 1 in 77 minutes in the group effort.

Mike Bryan is also successful with his new partner, Sock
Mike Winan and Jack Sock are the winners of the double final rival. In the finals, the Americans defeated Pierre-Hugues Herbert and Nicolas Mahut na Frainge from 5: 7, 6: 1 and 13:11 and defended them in the effort of the group. For Bryan, this is the fifth schoolmaster and his / her; first one without Bob's twin brother, who finished the season due to the injuries in May. With him, the third place was a success in these competitions. Not only are the relatives Peter Fleming and John McEnroe, who won seven titles together. There are four Bob Bryan and Canadian Daniel Nestor. Sock won its first title.

The Americans, who won Wimbledon and the US Open Championship, or the fifth seeds, saved the game a little earlier, spending five final finals, and one of them was also French.

(8,500,000 dollars, hard foundation)

6: 4, 6: 3




First Service (%) 60 72



Double errors 1 3
Indirect errors



Winners 7 23
The points won 46 57
Opportunities for bankruptcy 1/1 4/6

7: 5, 7: 6 (5)

6: 2, 6: 2

Winners of the final masters in the last 20 years:
2018: Alasdair Zverev (Nem)
2017: Grigor Dimitrov (Blg)
2016: Andy Murray (UK)
2015: Novak Djokovic (Serbia)
2014: Novak Djokovic (Serbia)
2013: Novak Djokovic (Serbia)
2012: Novak Djokovic (Serbia)
2011: Roger Federer (Switzerland)
2010: Roger Federer (Switzerland)
2009: Nikolay Davydenko (Rus)
2008: Novak Djokovic (Serbia)
2007: Roger Federer (Switzerland)
2006: Roger Federer (Switzerland)
2005: David Nalbandian (Arg)
2004: Roger Federer (Switzerland)
2003: Roger Federer (Switzerland)
2002: Lleyton Hewitt (Avs)
2001: Lleyton Hewitt (Avs)
2000: Gustavo Kuerten (Bra)
1999: Pete Sampras (SA)
1998: Alex Correta (Spain)

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