Special security events on 22/11 Tarantasan


Stock market information in particular on 22/11 security companies on its website; stock market.

* TPB: Mr Do Minh Quan, son of Mr Do Anh Tu – Former President of the Tien Phong Commercial Stock Exchange Bank (TPB-HOSE) registered to purchase 25 million TPB shares from 26/11 to 25/12 by the agreement and Post-ordering co-ordination, Mr. Quan has not been running any TPB shares.

* TTB: Phung Van Bo, Chairman of the Tien-Boated Tien Group (TTB-HOSE) registered for 1.3 million TTB shares sold from 29 November to 28 December with approval. Expected for sale successfully, his / her ownership ministry at TTB will reduce to more than 7.46 million shares, a 15.9% share.

* VHC: The first regional advancement of Vinh Hoan Corporation (VHC-HOSE) in 2018 is 07/12, the final registration date is 10/12. So, parts will be paid in cash by 20%, starting on 20/12/2018.

* VNE: Vietcombank Security Cooperative Stock Company (VCBS), shareholders, associations associated with Mr Le Manh Hung, member of the Board of Directors of Vietnam Electrical Construction Partial Stock (VNE – HOSE) registered for 1.14 million VNE sales divisions from November 26 to December 25 with agreement and order coordination. VCBS will only hold 10 sections of VNE.

* APG: Nguyen Ho Hung, Phat Securities Cooperative Stock Chair (APG – HOSE) sold 700,000 shares of APG from November 1 to November 19 with an equivalent procedure for order. After its expiration, its investment decreased in APG to 57,500 shares, 0.43%.

PDN: The 10% regional divisional date of 2018 of the Dong Nai Compatible Stock Company (PDN – HOSE) is payable on 10 December; Last registration date on December 11. So, payments will be paid in cash at 10%, and will pay to & # 39; starts on 12/25/2018.

* CTF: The City Stock Co. Co-Stock Stock Co. (CTF – HOSE) has delivered 21.6 million shares to current shareholders at VND10,000 per department. Registration date for closing the list of stakeholders on 04/12/2018 Registration time from 12/12/2018 to 08/1/2019.

* DXG: Dat Xanh Group JSC (HoSE: DXG) aims to distribute the written papers of shareholders about converting a convertible VND1,4 billion bill. Over 5 years from the date of delivery, interest rates are not higher than 7% per year and are limited to one year. Is expected to be released in quarter I or II / 2019.

* NLG: The 04/12 regional date of its first period of 2018 of the Long Long Investment JSC (NLG – HOSE) wage pay is on final registration date 05/12. So, payments will be paid in cash at 1.97%, and starts on its & # 39; paid from 19 December 1818.

* HAX: The Hang Xanh Automobile Service Division Co-Stock (HAX-HOSE) planning a 1 million purchase section for equity and stock comparison, equals 2.86% of the shares it was taken out. Price of purchase at market prices. Time to be implemented in November 2015 – 1/2019.

* ACL: The 27th of November is the 2018 regional date of the Cuu Long An Giang (ACL – HOSE) Exchange Stock Exchange Company, the last registration date of November 28. So, payments will be paid in a 20% cash, starting with payment from 05/12/2018.

* ACB: Was Minh Toan, General Director of Asian Commercial Share Stock Bank (ACB-HNX) registered to purchase 500,000 ACB shares from November 23 to December 21 in an agreed format and order coach. At this time, Toan holds just over 131,000 ACB departments.

* IDV: On 05/12 the 2018 Vinh Phuc JSC (IDV – HNX) Infrastructure Development is a regional date of 2018, the final registration date is 06/12. So, parts will be paid in sections of 15%, which correspond to IDV to & # 39; distributing more than 2.17 million new sections.

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