SPECIFIED CLASSES (2) NO PAPERS ARE ABLE TO MAKE PARENTS: burning terrible video. The police threw their whole equipment in the open door and took the child to hospital! (VIDEO). T Planet


Laying the copies with the whole door of the family home after the boy's father (2) refused to open the door to them. The experts came after the doctor told parents to the Center for Social Work as they thought they were suffering from meningitis. Later, however, he discovered that he was a respiratory disease.

Parents gave a doctor's baby in February when he had high temperatures. Despite the doctor's advice to take the boy to hospital, it did not because he had been temporarily reduced his temperature. The doctor, who was told by their parents, wouldn't give her son her immunity, but the authorities were called out when he found out he wasn't being taken to hospital.

Solicitor Kelly Tausend, who lobbied for a law allowing the Center for Social Welfare to claim a warrant to remove the child from her parents in an emergency, proved the incident.

“What about parents' rights to decide what is best for their child? Who looks at the child here? “It seems that the doctor took over the children's direction, and that nobody would let the parents know. This is not a country I recognize and this is to stop Gestapo's parents from knocking on the door, "she said.


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