Spice Girl Mel B says that Eddie Murphy's great love & # 39; her life in a new book


Their winter relationship ended up by going to # 39; Surprisingly after the battle of poor child support, but still Melanie Brown, aka Mel B, want that Eddie Murphy to place a special place in the heart.

The 43-year-old Spice girl was surprisingly surprised when he appeared Math Morning Britain Yesterday, how she inspired her new memorandum, Not true forever, where she writes about the actress as "her love".

"It's always," Brown declared hospitality Piers MorganIn the "I mean, I have never talked about before, so [in] This book, I wanted to sail because people have a lot of uncertainty about everything that happened. "


The Brown said the two parties had a dinner party in 2006, and they had a "dread" appeal from the beginning. Then they dated for nine months before she fell pregnant with their daughter, Angel. At that time, Brown said People a magazine that Murdo, 57, did not want anything to do with Angel, and even wanted to have a test test that later proved to be his biological father.

"Rev. Murphy and Miss Brown gave a short date and they did not make any plan of anything," wrote a journalist at the time in a statement. "He recognizes enjoying Angel's child, and has paid Ms Brown's support for children as well as paying expenses to be heavy."

Mel B with her daughters (from left to right) Phoenix Chi Gulzar, Angel Brown and Madison Brown Belafonte. (Getty)

Over the years, the pair learned to go to; co-parent on Angel and the exes have been getting so well that Murphy has had a long time. Look after her daughter as she did a book trip.

"He's a beautiful man – he's about a family and is very friendly and very friendly, and we have been living for a good time before anyone knew," said Brown. "And at the end of the day, we have a beautiful girl, Angel, who is 11 years old, and she is living with him while I'm here working . "

Although Brown said he had "loved his first appearance" when she met Murphy, they did not have their relationship and were "a lovely story that had no perfect boundary."

But when Morgan asked her if she would like her to marry Murphy again she has recently divorcedBrown closed the conversation promptly as the actor was "an amazing, enthusiastic friendship."

"The woman got her second child she expects to be like a few weeks." So, I do not want anything else about that, "said Brown, who describes Aussie's fiancé who is 39 years old Peige Butcher, who is pregnant with the second child together. The child will 10th birthday MurphySouth Westerly

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