Sport | Aim for 10,000 pounds, not how Berbatov got rid of a fine fine


Aim for 10,000 pounds, not how Berbatov got rid of a fine fine

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In professional football, every step outside the rules is punished. Especially in the Premier League.

Dimitar Berbatov has been at the heart of the most heaviest tax manager of Martin Yol. This was introduced by the specialist of Voetbal International, telling the story that has made an interesting move.

As a Fulham player in mid-March 2013, the Bulgarian 45 minutes were late for training. "Indeed, no reason was criticized until he had lost one day and 45 minutes left for training." It was very unpleasant – everyone in the team knew that I never let it go and, in fact, I had to look at what I do, "said Jol .

"Berbatov was our best player, and two days later we played against the old Tottenham team, usually paying a wage week, but he earned so much, though I was feeling sad. "

The bank manager decided to give 10,000 miles Berbatov. "I did not get out of the squad, because I will not give her own meat," Jol explained.

The specialist agreed to pay his own fine if Berbatov was visiting the winning goal in the Spurs game. When the time of the fight came, the fight against Bulgaria turned out of his manager and said, "Treasurer, do not worry." "And what do you think?" He shook for 1-0 and the result had not changed, which spent 10,000 not me, but paid me with pleasure, "said Yol.

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