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Sport Cristal vs. Sports Rosario ABOUT BEACH! AN-DIUGH LIVE is continuously Sport Cristal vs. Sports Rosario dated 15 of Final Competition at Rosas Pampas stadium from 8:00 p.m. and with the distribution of Gol Peru. To watch live football like this game, you have different options for stream service and TV channels we provide below.

The duel between Sport Cristal vs. Sports Rosario closing a partnership both in the competition. Follow a minute per minute, statistics, events, goals, interviews and game results that define posts in the & # 39; game Final Competition.

There were problems with her & her; travel to the town of Huaraz. Due to bad weather, the school was unable to board the aircraft they would bring to their destination. So they agreed to travel with land so that there was no kind of problem.

Sports Zone He is already thinking about the end of his game against Alianza Lima no Melgar. The general song left for the town of Huaraz, holding out some of the players at her. first team.

Mario Salas, a coach of the bassponsors, decided that Emanuel Herrera, Renzo Garcés and Omar Merlo lived in Lima. Those who have been nominated have two yellow cards and to dispose of ban, they have a break.

The Chilean coach of Horacio Calcaterra and Patricio Álvarez are included on a passenger list. The midfielder and the visitor went into the team by participating with the Peruvian team on the FIFA dual day.

With the decision at Rosas Pampas stadium, the smith will put it on Final Competition. It should be noted Crystal He just awarded the final of the competition after winning the Summer and Opening Championship.

Due to economic and sporting problems throughout the year, Sports Rosario He leaves home to the highest Peruvian football home.

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