Sport | The "Shocking" attraction sent to its & # 39; chess crown in a row


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The world's world-shaped crown winner will be decided after a water break. The game Magnus Karlsen and Fabiano Carouana were also played in the last game.

The game went into Scotland after both sunk once. They completed six points after the 12 games.

In the last, the experts gave, including to # 39; world-renowned Garry Kasparov, the relay as "terrible". The reason for this is Karlsen's decision to offer a move on the 31st move, although it was in a better position and with more time.

"I was not really looking for her most," said Carlsen in London, named by the Guardian.

"I wanted a situation where I would have security, but also to emphasize it." If it were not a satisfactory result; , I would not want to do it different, "said the Norwegian to play with the black people. Carouana said he was" a bit surprising "with the suggested draw.

Now there's a day, and on Wednesday there will be accelerated chess game that will be accelerated. confirm their complaint.

"After this horrific offer with Magnus, who was in a situation with more time, I reassess his opinion that they are the best one for the chess parties." The Tybeck is a & # 39; Needing amazing problems and it seems to be losing ", Kasparov writes in Twitter.

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