Sport Zone: BEIG the official exhibition of Claudio Vivas Decencing


Sports Zone officially delivered Claudio Vivas as a coach for League 1 and the Libertadores Cup 2019. A new and new coach news conference is run for a daytime in La Florida.

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Carlos Benavides: "Thank you for the motions by Christ Sport, since it came to help us how it has done, it's coming for the years 2019 and 2020."

Claudio Vivas: "We've seen the team's team and the game on Saturday, the guests are good, we are challenged to prepare every game as this institution deserves, we do not & We're going to make an excuse, we're going to send a game idea and try to hit eleven for the start of its competition "

"In terms of strengthening we talk to the board and try if they need it, if possible, but we will try to do everything with this team without going to & # 39; forget the philosophy of its club to encourage young people. "

"Mario left Space is a very tall bar, there are players that are not there and we need to talk about the people who wait, the team must take a look at a game and a rule of d & # 39. we all want "

"I do not apologize, it's true that football time is valuable, but we work every day, through the week we have a double change with the young people to Being a choice in the first team. The commitment I received, I did not set out a summary to come in. If here is because it is so I feel and I have the challenge and I'm always thinking about going back to this club that gave me respect and where I was We are very happy that we get consistency and that the school quickly gets the concepts that we want to offer. "

"Sport Cristal youths have been prepared for their high competition, they have a good venue and we have to try to get involved as quickly as possible in the work of excellence, and I am Those who need to be very good and new to make a good decision in each connection "

"We have great facilities, good players and we are enthusiastic about this challenge"

"We are well, the team knows, the age of the team is fair and if here I have been because I have challenged the challenge as they were".

"Peruvian turkey has changed greatly because they have gone to the World Cup, that is why players with a value of 8 million are Cueva".

"I am a person who is full of adults, every day I always prepare for myself and I do not stay with what I did 10 years ago. trying to embrace technology, concepts, and try to prepare myself for every commitment that I enjoy, the priority, work, respect and the responsibility "

"The teams have been restored but we have seen a number of games from the past season, we saw Sport Huancayo, there are players we know but the most important thing we do. , we respect the competitors, the height and the place but we are not going to put an excuse. "


Hope the fans are angry for recording Argentinein Claudio Vivas She has foundations. It's not a game, or a future bet, but it's a credit; board for a play style.

He took a look back in South America: this is how the international media responded after Claudio Vivas to Cròile Sport

Not only that: the old Coach of Banfield and Racing de Avenellaneda, among others, was well done through the Rimac at the end of 2013. Even, Sports Zone it was only three points away from playing to & # 39; final against & # 39 ;.

Now, with less than a week before the first time at the Opening, Claudio Vivas trying to hit Huancayo's Sport (visit) and the time, playing against him. The Bapopontino fan is expected to be best for the first time in League 1, scheduled for Saturday 16th February, at 8 p.m.

He took a look back in South America: this is how the international media responded after Claudio Vivas to Cròile Sport

The statements on Claudio Vivas. (Video: Mario López / Photo: Francisco Neyra)

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