Sportman – Tanak is continuing the fight for the title of WRC, in Corsica on Sesks / Caune.


The first 'Tour de Corse rally' was held in 1956, and was incorporated into the calendar as France in the first 1973 World Cup. T 2008, but returned to a WRC calendar in 2015. The original name of the Tour de Corse was won from the outset when touring the island. Today, only in certain parts of the island, only steps are in place, but they are officially called “10,000 rally elbow”. In the last four years Sebastian Ozhier has been receiving two trips here, but one advantage is Trier Noiv and Jari-Mati Latval.

The Corsican Rally is the first full-time asphalt stage in WRC season 2019, recalling the Montecarlo Rally must be driven on snow and ice roads. In a manner, a Tour de Corse will be a new year for all athletes, as only 20% of the roads used last year are included in this year's road. Only two degrees were the same thing they had to do a year ago. In this race, the starting order is very important and even the barley thrown away from the road in the first corners of the appliance is not a big problem in Corsica. It is much more difficult to select tires that are suitable for climate change, as well as keeping control of the clothes that the asphalt is completely dry. And this year's weather may be a worry – this week, snow and water and strong winds were observed at the site of the rally, which has even taken care of the service park.

Interestingly, the rating is not unique. It will be just 14 full-size calendars, which vary from 14 km to 47 km. The Energy Level, where athletes compete for more points, offers a rich natural landscape of 19 km rich on coastline. The race will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with 344 km of duration for athletes.

Long distance degree program

Date SS He was a distance Length
March 29 SS1 Bavella 1 17.60 km
SS2 Valinco 1 25.94 km
SS3 Alta-Rocca 1 17.37 km
SS4 Bavella 2 17.60 km
SS5 Valinco 2 25.94 km
SS6 Alta-Rocca 2 17.37 km
March 30 SS7 Corse Cap 1 25.62 km
SS8 Désert des Agriates 1 14.45 km
SS9 Castagniccia 1 47.18 km
SS10 Corse Cap 2 25.62 km
SS11 Désert des Agriates 2 14.45 km
SS12 Castagniccia 2 47.18 km
31 March SS13 Eaux de Zilia 31.85 km
SS14 Calvi power level 19.34 km

This year, Corsican Rally will start nearly 100 teams. As Citroen and M-Sport units only run two cars at a time, there will be 10 WRC teams representing the world's competition teams, as well as four other lesser recognized athletes. to the public. French Pilots. Two teams, including the double-brave Latvian Kalle Rovanpera, and 16 WRC2 class teams participate in the PRO WRC2 class, as well as the team of Sports Racing Technologies and its phíleat Nikolai Grjazin le Škoda. Fabia R5. Rovanper's total third place in class is just four points behind the director, and Grassin, who just started in one of the last three levels, was fifth in the class. T Sweden, still in the 12th place.

At the same time, it is the Champion of the World Championship in full status and the WRC class after four levels of Otsusa Ots Tanaks. He finished third in the Montecarlo Rally, which he won in Sweden, and won second in Mexico in the previous stage. There are less than four points for the current champion Sebastian Ojier, who won in the first and third levels, but who failed in the second. Six more points in Trier Noivil. In Corsica, the winner is four-time Sebastien Leeb, who falls from the season, as part of Hyundai Start.

Total WRC

Location Pilot Country Rubha an Eoin
1 Tanak end EST 65
2. Sebastian Ozhier FRA 61
3. Trier Noivil BEL 55
4. Chris Mint GBR 35
5. Elf Evans GBR 28
6. Esapeka Lapi FIN 20
7. Sebastian Lee FRA 18
8. Jari-Mati Latvala FIN 14
9. Andreas Mikelsen TIU 12
10. Bebnito MEX 8
11. Gass Greensmith GBR 6
12. Mark Bashonia BOL 6
13. Point Point SWE 4
14. Joans Bonato FRA 4
15. Dan Sordo ESP 4
16. Ole Christian Weiby TIU 2
17. Stefan Sarazan FRA 2
18. Adriene Furmo FRA 1
19. Janne Tuohino FIN 1
20. Rickard Trivinjo MEX 1
21. Subject Suninens FIN 1

The Latvians will be able to follow the battles in the WRC Youth Division, where the second race will be hosted by European hero Martins Sesch and her fellow Krišjānis Caune. The first stage of this test was Swedish Knees – then the population proved they were capable of fighting for effects, but there were also a number of failures. Snippets, their own mistakes and technical difficulties were preventing them much higher than the sixth year, and Tom Christenson, who won last year with Sess in the fight for European title, won. In Corsica the fighting is not straightforward, although the asphalt has the lowest driving experience at Seskam, but I can't say it is not at all.

Overall JWRC level

Location Pilot Country Rubha an Eoin
1 Tom Christenson SWE 26
2. Rolands Pums EST 18
3. Jan Solans ESP 16
4. Denis Radstrems SWE 16
5. Tom Wilson GBR 12
6. Martins Sesks LAT 11
7. Shon Johnston United States 10
8. Enriko Oldrati ITA 6
9. Ken Torn EST 3
10. Fabricio Zaldivars PRY 2

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