Sports leader of the film around Kariniauskas: "We have evidence"


David Redik and Roland Alijev were the biggest player in a Lithuanian liturgy since 2016 disqualified because of playing and acting that could be unbalanced.

Previously, there was suspicion about Kėdainiai "Nevėžis" and her first company Marius Janišiai.

The cloud of suspicion is now circulated by a Latvian team and defender Kaunas Žalgiris Vaidas Kariniauskas.

Lietkabelis dropped a 25-year-old casualties when it was a sign that the sums were raised in sports betting companies that would not get more than 8.5 points through the Panevėžys game last Sunday match in France with a Dijon JDA club.

To date, V.Kariniauskas, who has chosen 10.4 points, has scored 2 points in Dijon, a man who has gone out of a row hit.

Photograph by Žygimantas Gedvila / 15min / Cast by Kariniauskas

Photograph by Žygimantas Gedvila / 15min / Cast by Kariniauskas

The basketball player and Lietkabelis club do not want to comment on suspicion so they can know from the Gambling Service. It began to collect Monday's information against materials collected by Top Sport.

24 of these facts were discussed about the event and occasional sport to prevent unthinking games with Gintaras Staniulis, highest sports club in Kaunas, Zalgiris.

– – The Gambling Service has started to expose its & # 39; a game that could be unusual in the European League. What are the sums made in your company in this case?

– These commitments were higher than usual.

These were suspicious beta and going on. They built large ground for suspicion.

We collected all the material and we delivered it to the Gambling Service, which should investigate further enforcement and litigation. This is a case when the service appears to be; announcing a news conference and informing the public as this is not before.

However, I would not like to give an eye-catching event and to show people about the people who are already suspects or sums. The service should be answered.

Photograph by Alfred Pliadzi / Amber Staniulis

Photograph by Alfred Pliadzi / Amber Staniulis

– Can you give me a picture of how unacceptable games happen – usually to play a # 39; Want to build personal results for basketball players?

– For example, if there is an LKL game, bet companies do not usually give personal results. However, when Lithuanian clubs play in the Euroleague game, European Cup or European League, there is such a supply. Such a game is very important and even the reflection does not appear so the player can oppose his team. And in this case, Lietkabelis had a great chance to go to; win the playoffs in a cause. Typically, the application companies, depending on the importance of the competition and deciding whether the personal results of the players should be included, are the points found.

– It is common in such situations to build a large size, for example, 2,000. Euro?

– In this case, I would like to clarify that the sum was over 2,000. EUR. The sum is very unusual and stands out.

For example, in January, in such cases, the sums were costed from one hundred and a hundred hundred euros. The sums that were being built this time were higher and they were more and more. going on. In addition, they were from related parties.

– Do you have any evidence that this could be a basketball player?

– Yes, we are.

– What evidence is there?

– So far, I would not want to open up an event. I think these things will be published in public.

This is a previous issue.

– But, beta does not mean that just a Lithuanian market? In other European countries or Asia, there is no bet on personal products of Lithuanian basketball players?

– In particular, as we have the greatest interest in a Lithuanian game.

This may be the signals of Lietkabelis and not Vilnius Rytas and their direct competitors on a special day.

– If you find that you did not have the correct promises, do you pay the beneficial amount?

– In this case, we informed the relevant authority and provided the available material, and # 39; share suspicion.

Depending on the rule, there is a special time when it is still possible to stop the bets, and finally, after the Gambling Commission's assessment, we will do it according to the law – we will pay Or not.

VIDEO: Disputes: a panevezys scanner – can a national Lithuanian team player be involved in the scam?

– If we did not talk about the Kariniauskas case, help companies make information about suspicious players?

– There is. Extensive issues have long been a public secret. Some are not included in the offer.

This is an incredible issue of being a bad international game. It is not so small.

It is hard for me to believe. Vaidas Kariniauskas played well before the game with Vilnius Rytu and was a good team. His ages and scenes are so that he could expect a better contract next year. So this situation is like a clear night's storm.

– The final cast was spread in a Lithuanian basketball basket in 2016 when LKL indicated that D.Redikas and R.Aliev had broken out the league's reactions. Are there suspicion?

– No. We strive for fair play if we notice an unusual or recall bet.

He did not have the case; you name in the Lithuanian language market. How much did I hear in the case, someone grew angry and was not split, but there was no bet about the players in Lithuanian companies.

In these cases, an Asian market or an illegal company was reported.

Photograph by Alfred Pliadzi / David Redik

Photograph by Alfred Pliadzi / David Redik

I do not know how this study ends, but according to the available information, the situation is interesting and weird. For bitter crimes that would be collected, this would be a matter among the candidates.

– Do you think that experts are unhealthy? doing so from Lithuania, which is not so open?

– He can not get into the psychology of people like that. I've been playing basketball myself and did not play it; I can even imagine that there would be a player in the team; Probably.

Those who have seen the programs of the evaluation game themselves. I do not want to judge myself.

For bitter crimes that would be collected, this would be a matter among the candidates.

– You've been in this business long ago and you have a good basketball experience. Has the situation changed in recent years compared to the times when the Lithuanian youth team team built their own exhibitors, even ten years ago?

– As we said, there were no suspicious issues since 2016.

Previously, there were cases like this, but it is very odd that the player chooses a bet to avoid both. Of course, this is not to be done, but if you are honest against the team, maybe you're best to try to throw more points?

But for some reason, everyone chose to win a number of special points.

– Would it be more determined if you tried to throw a specific measure of measurement or not?

– These theoretical ideas are. We all know that athletes can not fully bet.

But when he was playing it, there was also a moment of the youth's generation when they threw themselves into the basket, they did not want to hit, but they unfortunately met them – then cast off taxes and need lost them. Do not hit the corner of the table. There were paradoxes there.

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