Spotify refuses to obey artists and has encouraged conflict


The music market has been revived in recent years by introducing streamlined platforms over the sale of corporate media or buying digital titles.


However, the problem is important: not generating income from direct sales, artists need to be satisfied with how much they have listened to their titles in platforms. And rightly, today's platforms are fighting against a US court decision to get them to grow by 44% as artists' titles.

Spotify is at the top of the list of platforms that do not wish to implement this promotion and many are artists to take a step towards criticizing the situation of the Swedish platform. Big names have risen on Instagram and Twitter to break up platform abuse abuse.

A number of organizations want to protect rights-holders. But Spotify is not the only platform to have appealed in the court's decision: Google, Amazon and Pandora have done the same. Apple did not want to think about the idea that it would need to go on… without doubt attracting bad branding by hoping to see some artists come to live on their own stage .

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