Spotify reveals Premium Duo for couples living together


The giant of music is falling like him Spotifywho have submitted a new Premium design suitable for the couples who live in the same place.

It's about it Premium Duo which has a monthly cost CLP $ 4,390 and he shall permit two people living in the same place to take their own Premium account and so they can save money.

CLP's monthly account is $ 3,490 in a separate Premium account, if we pay that same value twice, it would cost CLP $ 6,980, and Premium Duo paid only CLP $ 4,390 for two Premium accounts.

Premium Duo is introduced playlist be especially special Duo Mix will be based on the music demanded by both users and is regularly updated.

Remember how Spotify says, they both have to stay in the same place until they can subscribe to Premium Duo.

With information from Spotify

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