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Sunshine is present today, but low clouds or fogs will be weakened by noon. Half winds appear to the southwest southwest. Evening from the west, high cloud clouds will increase. During the day he will unresolved.

The highest temperatures are 10-15 degrees. In the evening of Tuesday, a wind will go to it; to the northwest, it will rise and in many places to the west to the east it flies.

Over the Black Sea there is a sunny weather. There will be mist in the morning. It will blow a medium wind to a moderate southwest. The highest temperatures range from 8-9 degrees north, up to 13-14 degrees in places on the south coast. The marine water temperature is about 7 degrees. The sea mind is 2-3 bales.

Above the mountains there are more sun hours before daytime, and after lunch the sun is very important. Up until the evening, it will stay without water. He blew a medium wind strongly southwest and hence the daily temperature rises even further, with a maximum height of 1200 m at about 7 degrees, 2000 m – about 1 degree.

On Tuesday it's very hot and it's cold. It will blow a medium, stable wind from west to northwest. Still in some places there are light waterfall, most from water, in the mountains – from snow.

On Wednesday night, the wind will be weak and turn from the north and north-east, the day in the eastern half of the country will be moderate. The disaster will continue. There is snow, more likely in mountain areas and in the bank of northern Bulgaria.

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