"Sputnik" is chatting with the Arab League Ambassador in Moscow


Moscow will host the activities of the 12th session of the Arab-Russian Industrial Council and the 4th session of the "Arab-Expo" International Festival, taking place on 8-10 April.

Ambassador: It was first seen that Moscow sees two important events this month. First, the exhibition "Arabia Expo" and a meeting of representatives of the Arab-Russian Industrial Council, which was regularly hosted by the Arab-Asian Arts Council, attended by dozens of Arab companies and representatives from the business sector.

Apart from the attendance of appropriate ministries in economic, commercial, development and other sectors. As an Arab League mission, we do not have information on the level and size of attendance for each Arab country, which determines the individual Arab countries.

Invitations to ministry with a range of trading and related developments were confirmed by several countries to attend too many private companies.

We hope that the success of these events, especially the importance of identifying Arab and Russian side opportunities, will vary in a number of areas including exchange, investment and employment opportunities. This exhibition and the meetings of the Russian-Arab Industrial Council were important in signing contracts and identifying the potential of both sides.

The League of Arab States will support these events through our invitations and persuade trade traders of relevant countries and official groups to participate. They will have an important representative. Ambassador Kamal Hassan Ali, Deputy Secretary General of the Arab League's Economic Affairs Division, will be present.

The second important event is a Russian-Arab consultant meeting within the framework of the co-operative forum, which is conducted at overseas ministerial level in Russia once in the Arab world.

The meeting will be held between 16 and 17 April, and will include a large Arab presence on the Arabic Ministers, the summit and several Arab foreign ministers, and a large delegation led by a president. T League of Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

The meeting will focus on a wide range of issues of interest to the Russian and Arab parties, particularly within a framework of joint operational plans to improve co-ordination and collaboration. T fields.

Which foreign ministers take part in the Fest Arab-Russian Communications Forum: t

Ambassador: In principle, there are partners from the Arab Troika Ministers who are represented by Iraq, Sudan and Somalia, and the Arab Arab roof, represented by Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Algeria, and contains information that has been found on the terms. affirm the interest of the Foreign Minister Palestinian Riyad al-Maliki, and I also suspect the affirmation of Jordan's now a Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Also, as the Foreign Minister could learn Omani, in his recent trip to Russia and meet with Lavrov, he was ready, if the program allows, he takes part in it. I also think there are several ministers

The Arab foreign ministers, as well as their speakers, are keen to attend this forum to build on the Arab-Russian links, as well as the university's work to encourage ministers to join in. T allow these commitments to be made.

When does the Secretary General of the Arab Association come into Russia?

Ambassador: A meeting of the Arab-Arab Arab Forum is expected to take place a day or two before a meeting of senior officers, but the meeting will be on a ministerial basis on 16 April. We talk about two actions.

A meeting of senior officers from around 14 to 16 and overseas ministerial meetings will allow us to month April as a month of a Arab-Russian relationship on more than one level.

As we know, the Arab summit will be held a few days later in Tunisia, and what questions are on the agenda of this series of Iomains?

Ambassador: The Palestinian case is a key theme on the agenda, and now this file presents new challenges including the situation in Jerusalem following the American decision and the establishment of political agreements, and especially the political process in question. Showing Israel's backdrop.

And following on from binding, connecting, settlement, Judaization and restrictions on the Palestinians, and the repetition of the attacks on Gaza, and the important file, the Golan file, and other issues of the various files t Arabic, as well as the state of warfare on rebellion and many regional emergencies. The general Arab agreement.

The Arab Council of the Arabian Advisory Council hold a pre-meeting meeting that is expected to take place within days to attract the key features of the agenda and recommendations to Arab directors.

What is the situation with the Arab League of America on the new American plan in the Middle East, known as Deal of the Century, which was rejected by the Palestina man and criticized by the Russian Foreign Minister?

Ambassador: The League of Arab States always requires that the relevant international ambitions are adhered to and we have a long list of the Security Council's intentions in the Palestinian case that have not been implemented. The "laden market" is a seagull and test balloons, and all the law is administered by all readers, and the Americans themselves are circulated with privacy. To date this has not been identified. They tie it into the Israeli elections.

But I believe that the unconventional American actions of Israel standing alongside Israel, along with the military forces in Israel and executed by the United States, are both in Jerusalem. settlement, an asylum file or files attacked on Gaza.

I don't think the USA will be a fair and equitable mediator for both sides of the world, and it has always been a tough fact, and America never turned Israel's history because of the right of the Arab and Palestinians.

In addition, he has to stand firm at the party in Israel by giving them gifts before the Israeli elections, and giving Netanyahu a chance to return to cost, probably. other forces which are less difficult to work with the Palestinians in the dual-state or other project.

Now the hard party is affected by the administration in Israel, so I don't think there's the prospect of a success "the treaty of the century".

If a campaign is passed under any name, the person concerned will be Palestina's side, and the Palestinians will not consider it, nor will he have a future. it is their right to debate, discuss this.

We emphasize that the mention of peace process in the Middle East is clear and that the process needs to be based on the Security Council's ambitions and continue to establish a Palestinian state in areas which served as Jerusalem with 1967 as its core. T city, and all intentions of final status matters, including a right to the Palestinians.

You mentioned that the Golan case is one of the files discussed at the Arab meeting. In the past, we have been hearing that the President and Europe had decided against the President's decision to recognize the sovereignty of Israel on the Golan. Will you handle it?

Ambassador: No country has the right to stand as such. Americans will not have Israel's jurisdiction over the powers of Sirian Golan creating rights or responsibilities and is regarded as having no legal earnings.

An Golan is taken over by the Syrian border with international law, United Nations ambitions, the Council The security and recognition of the international community. The Arab League is entirely behind the Syrian right in the countries that have taken them. beyond. We have a clear rationale based on decisions to be taken on this.

The current emergency situation in Syria has no bearing.

All the Arab countries have been denied this step and there are even some of those countries trying to fight it and believe that they are a part of the settlement in the area. T turned his back on him.

The recognition of US nobility to the Golan on the other hand provides a very poor response to the American situation in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Especially after the severe impact of the American administration in the Palestinian cause.

This will therefore put the situation in the region harder and will remove America from being a mediator between the opposing parties in the Middle East or a party that is trusted with it. tablets in the Arab Republic and Palestine in particular.

Here we need to record the value we placed on Russia's location on the Jerusalem files and Gights Heights. Russia's position is consistent and based on the need to comply with international law and international standards and standards.

This has been clearly stated by Russia in the Jerusalem file and in the Golan file, and generally in all the cases that relate to the need for widespread political settlement and just the conflict in the Middle East.

We thank Russia for following this approach, which is the right way to play an effective and effective part in emergency resolution.

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