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(Rui Rui Ruiping Press Group Reporter, Miaoli County, 21st) The big battle of Shuang Xu in Miaoli County has become more wild. Kuomintang candidate's headquarters, Xu Yaochang, invited a producer's representative to open a news conference, questioning the Xu Dingzhen challenger for the election. Xu Dingzhen camp against Xu Yaochang's agreement was a political chameleon.

In the census to the 18th Central Miaethol Central Election campaign, Xu Yaochang, a non-party candidate who supported re-election, judges Kuomintang Miaoli County Xu Yaochang and the Full Party of Democratic, in general. Xu Yaochang explained the support for Xu Dingzhen in the recent public video conference. Hear it in front of her & # 39; camera, "How can I stimulate you in the last two parts of the home, and is it OK to vote for the election? Is this right?"

Then, Xu Dingzhen, who spoke on the stage, said Xu Yaochang "was supporting the enemy to fight against me" when he started to campaign for his First seaman. Once elected again, "Xu Yaochang wants to choose a selective selector of the county. Can he help me?" More.

Xu Yaochang's campaign headquarters hosted a news conference to show the "桢" of Xu Dingzhen, Xu Mulan, chairman of the Xu Children's Association in Zhonggangxi District, Miaoli County, and Xu Zheyuan, chairman of the Xu District Children's Association of Miaoli, to attend the meeting. Xu Yaochang; Speaker Xu Yaochang Commanders Lin Foshu also said he had been a special support for Xu Yaochang for four years ago, and ran to help Xu Dingzhen to plan for the election. "This is not a help, what is a help?"

Xu Yaochang's headquarters said Xu Dingjun had been re-elected as the first navy four years ago. At that time, the Kuomintang gave Huang Sheng a name and took part in the election. Xu Yaochang took the risk of controlling his / her control; party and supported the stage. Uncertainly, four years later, Xu Dingyu had a party coat. I used my wife as president of Miaoli County's Relationship Association to get ridicules of her & her; green camps, and used different evil ways to catch up to Xu Yaochang. "Is not this unhappy?" I won a & # 39; Most of the ancestors Xu Dingwei are winner. I feel cold.

Xu Dingqi, the chief executive spokeswoman, Li Jingxun, said he was a thief in the Xu Yaochang camp who shouted to catch a thief and was full of many.

Li Jingxun said he has been involved in the election without a party membership since Xu Dingzhen started in the election of his first seaman and his / her. seaman. He was always the cousin who died, and his spokesman Zhongyu, fully supported his son; agreement against Xu Yaochang with the People First Party. The legislators entered the Kuomintang when the People of First World War party were at a low level. When the district mask chose a key choice to party, he would indicate even if he would not be willing to stop the election. "It's the real political chameleon." (Editor: Li Xiwei) 1071121

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