Squirrels: 16,000 of Tucuman's children have not gone to; The vaccine is still and the campaign ends Friday


Tuesday, November 27, 2018 7:04 PM

On Friday, the national vaccine against crusher, rubella and CRS (Rubella Congellata Syndrome) ends and the Department's Health Ministry is trying to give children more coverage of 13 months to 4 years.

"Vaccination is completed on the 30th as specified. We are working hard. We have already been diagnosed with 92,000 children, between 13 months and 4 years. This week is getting intense vaccines in areas where people need people to bring their children. We, especially in the City, are still the need for those who have not been vaccinated, " Dr Ricardo Cortéz, Head of Immunization Siprosa,

The specialist explained that "in all the campaigns the data on how the cover is being investigated. In this case, there are areas in which; continental where they are all immunized, and there are other areas where they carry out activities such as a home-to-home or a vaccine; Going to different educational establishments to attract the second one. "

He said that there are about 16 thousand children who still did not get the dose. Given this vision, he said that they are working hard in every place in the province where children are living; seeking ideas in a designated way.

Capital, Villa Mariano Moreno, Tafí Viejo and Yerba Buena, are the Biar del Río Salí campaigns that have the largest number of children who are immunized.
Cortéz said, and they will continue to work in these areas to catch them.

Doctor explained "As long as all the vaccines are applied, they must apply this extra dose as a group of children who do not have a disability. respond to her first dose and who can & # 39; squirrels. "

Remember that too Immunization is essential, They do not need a medical order and can go to a vaccine, captain and any hospital in the continent.

Cortéz said that when the campaign is over, the areas in which otters still have to work fully in these cases will be explored.

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