Squirrels again in court: The doctor did not prove to protect the alibi of one of the people


Today, a surgeon from Dunajska Streda, who cure Rolanda Sz's pre-defense, was in 2003. The lieutenant was in charge of the doctor to confirm that he was being handled on April 9, 2003. Then The Vojtech Écsi and Roland Sz, the last member of the Papeyans competing group, killed. he was in a murderous command. But the doctor was on the same day when Roland was in a hurry. search, but the date quoted was not a calendar.

The driver of Kristián K. and Frantisek Z. driver said that he was enacted at the end of 2010 in Budapest, where they put the hiding men in front of their own leader. He said the couple did not talk about Sator and the previous group's actions. Sátora is called "ember", no "kakuk", which in Hungary means a person, individually. cuckoo. The witness did not say in the preparatory proceedings because he was frightened. However, he could not explain to the President of the Chamber what fears were there; him. The witness said he did not know about the group even though he paid for the services. He appealed to the media that published "terrible things" about the cops.

An expert psychologist informed Lehel Horváth, a member of the group of the sateroids and a witness in this case, genuinely the actions of the group. He alleged that he killed a Sator at the Horváth & Chateau farm. The members of the Horváth group identified themselves as the "grave" because they were buried by the crew of the team on the site of their previous team.

The test will take place with eight defenders. Of those, four are present at their current main listener. For the first time since May last year, Zsolt N., called Čonta, has been involved in the & # 39; process and he went into the case in absentia. In addition to his case, his friend Juraj B., also known as Bugi, also included. Today, Franz Z is also known as Srek. Kristián K., who is already attending her & her; punishment for another action, lost at the hearing. It's not even Roland Sz., Who was so cheap, but has been in a relationship with another. There is also a missing police officer of Boris D., who has suffered damage to his / her; step.

Most of the Procurator Fiscal Attorney Generals have a & # 39; preventing the establishment of a crime, its installation and its. supporting a criminal group. The group committed violent and economic crimes in Dunajská Streda, Galanta and Komárno areas, as well as elsewhere in Slovakia and Hungary from 1999 to 2010. They killed the Sator in December 2010 and his body moved several members of the team he did not find the police.

The Satorans struggled for a place with Gang of Papeyans, who died in Fountain in March 1999. The hunters had to order Sátor. By talking to "saits" a & # 39; Following the presentation of documentary evidence on Tuesday, February 12. Judgment is not expected.

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