Srecko Katanec is still waiting for her & # 39; first advantage


In the League of Nations, a number of friendly football games are also played around the world. Previously, a former Slocka Katancza coach in Iraq, told Bolivia ahead of the domestic population to hit. Katanec is still waiting for her & # 39; first benefit of Iraqi defender. In the first three games on Iraq's bed, They woke up twice (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia) and when they lost (Argentina). The French will move overnight with Uruguay, the Italians with the United States, and the Brazilians by Camarún.



The Swedes need to influence the Russians, who are successful in Serb?




On Sunday, it was fascinating in Las Palmas, where Spain was upset against Bosnia and Herzegovina at the head of the game, led by Robert Prosinečki, and hit 1: 0. A Croatian coach, who was a candidate for the Slovenia mountain for a year ago and who defeated the Bosnians into A League of Nations, was the first time in a series of non-commitments; last nine games.

Friendly games:

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