Sridevi's daughter, Jahnbeer, Rajkumar Rao's first benefit


Jahnobi Kapoor has taken a storm in the heart of thousands of young people in the movie Raheja & But who is the first storm in his heart? Female female high-rise female Bollywood, daughter of Sridevi, told her about her first sweetheart. He recently left the secret in Coffee with Carnation.

Jahnobi and his brother Arjun Kapoor were present as guests in the show. Arjuna confirms directly, it's not single now. About love. And later, the description grew about the relationship of Arjuna ri Malika stronger. Jahnobi also found that his first love was; there.

The producer gave four options to him – Rajkumar Rao, Vicky Tactics, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Ayushman Khurana. It's a question – who honors Jahnabi? Vicky and Rajkumar have a reply at Junkey. And & # 39; first profit & # 39 ;? Then a comic game against her girlfriend. Name Rajkumar Rao on the bills.

Jannibi and Arjun both told them funny items about the show. But at the end the mind is becoming weird on Jahir. Due to the fact that he lost this competition.

According to the rules, in this exhibition two men competitors will call. Who can call & # 39; O Reason, What's up? & # 39 ;, You can say earlier, win the competition. And in this visit, Jahnabi gave the name of her sister Arzoon, Partula. And maybe he had no understanding of his & # 39; link between phone and fox connections. Partulah did not want to lose her brother. That's why he stopped stopping saying "O Reason, Watts" & # 39; On the other hand, when Arjun Kapoor's father, Bani Kapoor, says, he says easily, "Why, Wattsup?" And in that visit Jahnobi lost to Arjuna in his / her; that trip. She was so sad with her. Junkie said, "He gave him a lot of pain. Now it seems – And there is no one in my family.


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