St Andrews: Mourinho was the hated Barca and Real hatred


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Spanish national teamman Andres Iniesta, Barcelona, ​​had previously coached Manchester's Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho Manchester United on the struggle between the Catalanans and the "White Ballet" of Portugal at Santiago Bernabeu.

"You should not be a supporter of Barcelona or Real to make you clear that the situation was not really enjoyable, and the most important part of this story was Mourinho, who does not want to admit that it is very difficult to there.

Then the traditional competition, but the great hatred, was quite different. Mourinho raised the struggle between Barca and Real and this tension has caused many national teams and Spanish football injured. The atmosphere was hot, "said Iniesta.

The well-known celebrity is currently completing his last years of professional football, protecting the colors of the Japanese Vissel Kobe

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