St Paul Chipotle Fired manager; A film that shows the black men not to be used


ST. PAUL, MN – Chipotle said he replaced the place manager at St. Paul after a series of videos posted to Twitter show that a group of black people were refused at the restaurant unless they could show that they had money for the mine Sub-Depending Chipotle, the manager at the restaurant thought that it was the makers of his house; A group of two or two weeks back unable to pay their food.

An Videos posted to Twitter by Masud Ali On Friday, a female employee appeared to tell the group that they must pay because they have no money at any time when they come to the place. Back-to-bottom staff have a & # 39; letting down your company while & # 39; as they wait to be passed and the men are in the mail; group to prevent staff from being able to; stereotyping them.

"We do not carry food if you do not have money," it's a hear one worker telling the group. The same employee says that the police shop could be cited and can be cited; to hear the group and to be able to become angry at the situation.

The video then shows a white user; Going into the restaurant It seems that the workers are compensating for women than women. to complain about her.

The official Chipotle official Twitter Twitter responded to Ali directly and said that this is not how Chipotle staff should cure customers.

"We are committed to responding to our guests fairly and with respect," said Chipotle on Twitter. "The manager has come to an end and the restaurant has been re-trained so that this does not happen again. We will be back in."

In an e-mail statement, Chipotle said he had carried out a detailed investigation after speaking to staff and managers working on Thursday night, when the event took place.

"We are committed to responding correctly to our customers and with respect," said Chipotle in the statement. "Regarding what happened at St. Paul's Restaurant, the manager thought that those gentlemen in those gentlemen from God Morning were unable to pay their food.

"However, this is not how we deal with our customers and as a result, the manager has come to an end and the restaurant is re- designed to make sure something like this does not happen again. "

You can see the full set of videos here.

Photo by David Allen / Patch

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