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OLEAN – For several years Olean's Churches' Association has made a link to ensure that there is a beautiful dinner and a society in three major holidays throughout the year.

On Thanksgiving Day, the GOAC will host a free Community Thanksgiving Dinner that is going to be. including turkey with each cut in St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, 109 S. Barry St.

The Rev. Kim Rossi, the ruler of the church, will be the food, which will be given from 10am to 2:30 p, including turkey, potato decorated potato, filling, oats, green ponies, cranberry sauce, roll and seagull. Approximately 250 to 300 foods are provided in the church.

The remainder will be sent to individuals through the home delivery delivery of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Takeouts will be available at 1:45 p.m. that day.

"Last year we spent 865 dinners," said Rossi. "We are planning 900 this service because every year is going up a bit."

She said Christmas Day meal was served at St. Mary's Angels' Basilica, who served 1,000 food last year. In addition, a Easter dinner will be provided at the First Baptist Church, with a view to going to # 39; give about 500 foods.

"This food is a food that many people use in the community," said Rossi. "There is no requirement. People do not have to be suitable for their food or anything."

She said that the GOAC has to organize the food for a & # 39; feeding hunger, but to give friendship and society for the lonely.

"Some of the foods are delivered to people on the food list because of a proportion that they are not delivering on that day," Rossi continued. "So, sometimes when a driver and helper goes out, at least there is an individual who can look at them and say," Happy Thanksgiving "or" Christmas Merry . ""

She said that visitors to food at the church often came alone or with others.

"Sometimes all families come … they have the chance to sit in a good place for a dinner Thanks," she continued. "Sometimes we get one or two who do not want to sit at home alone by Thanksgiving."

She said the church had a family setting with a children's playground, which should appeal to visitors.

Rossi said co-operative efforts to create a number of churches in the area can help; funding the food, but it remains a financial burden.

"We give contributions from people in the community who can be a group or people who can truly feel blessed and want to give someone else," she said.

As food suppressions need to be put up and built before the week of the dinner, donations are very grateful.

"We have a special account and all the money that comes in for Thanksgiving dinners is to go into that account," she said. "It will never be used for anything but Thanksgiving dinner. It's good to know from one year to the next day that we can buy the material for making pumpkin packs" and food and delicacy other.

Rossi said volunteers from the churches and communities are important for the success of the event.

"Several members from all the churches come to Olean, some from Portville and Allegany, and we will help prepare for dinner," said Rossi. "They cook their food, thousands cooking, set the tables, wash the money and get the ships ready ready."

However, she said volunteers still need a number of activities.

"The greatest need is on Thanksgiving morning, which starts at 10:30, we'll start to eat out," she explained. "We need people who are willing to deliver and deliver food."

Volunteers also need to prepare, prepare, prepare food, serve and clean.

"Even though someone says they do not have much time, if you have an hour and you want to come in and give some food – there is enough hours," Rossi finished.

For information about volunteering or dinner, contact 372-5628. Donations can be paid to St. Stephen's Church, with a sign of Thanksgiving Dinner on his or her memorandum or at # 39; envelope.

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