Stabbing dead two knights & # 39; dead in Saigon on trial


– Two bad bicycles say they are guilty of bridges and brutal attacks on "knights".

How would the two men be quite a knight to hide?

Intense, double, double challenge with knight Saigon

On November 29, the People's Court in Ho Chi Minh City tried the case of "Murchadh", "The intention to" harm "," Hold theft "against two guardian Nguyen Tan Tai (24 years old, Ho Chi Minh City and Nguyen Hoang Chau Phu (age 24, living in Mon Mon HCMC).

Regarding his case, Ngo Van Hung, 32, of Vap Steam Area, Ho Chi Minh City and Trinh Thi Nhu (Ung woman) were also tested for "hearing crime".

According to the certificate, Tai is the deadly knight "Nguyen Van Thoi and Nguyen Hoang Nam on the Road 8 August on the afternoon of May 13 yesterday.

Tai and Phu often stole each other to steal and sell the motorbike to spend it. On the afternoon of May 13, Phu is a little to steal.

Phu was the construction of the tools; motorcycle bike inserting a knife into the pants pocket and then passing through to win the "bite".

Stabbing dead two knights & # 39; dead in Saigon on trial
Acne & Phu and Hung

When these two people passed Cach Mang Thang 8 (Area 3, HCMC), the group of 7 "knights" streets, including those who were ill, found them to continue. Then, both of them stopped their car and # 39; approaching SH built in front of fashion shop on Cach Mang Thang Tam Street.

To solve SH, trying to escape, "knight" Tran Van Hoang was on his face; car into the car that triggers the man and SH falls down the road. The "knight" came into control, arrested.

While he was & # 39; fighting against the "knights", used unexpected Tai to a knife that split several times in a & # 39; The group called "knights" to him and that Nam died in the place and Tran Van Hoang was injured.

At the same time, Phu Ru is willing to drive away, two "Dinh Phu Quy and Nguyen Duc Huy" lobsters are swimmed and instantly preserved.

To let the gang go, Tai runs a knife to settle two brothers in a sense of trouble.

After the crime, Phu gu Hoc Mon and Tai fled to change their clothes. Convener Ngo Van Hung for a few days.

After reading to & # 39; newspaper and watching social networking news, Hung suspects the person involved in the reason why the event should be requested and heard. Hung and accept the & # 39; This band will continue to & # 39; to live, do not tell Poleas.

At 20 p.m. on May 14, the police force was circulated, he caught hold of Tai when he was in Hung.

The results of an independent test, the "knights", Huang hurt 68%, a 45% Fourth and Huy 2%.

Tai and Phu recognized all of the crimes. Two people also claim that they have been in & # 39; 3 bicycle motorcycle trouble in Area 12 and Hoc Hoc area.

The knight is knocked out: A friend gets to her & # 39; acne hide her stone Width = "145" height = "101

The knight killing: Getting a friend for the & # 39; acne to hunting.

Police officers have introduced a friend who hides the "acne" after breaking five knights.

13 seconds and 24 hours suspicion of acne & # 39; "width =" 145 "height =" 101

13 seconds and 24 hours arrested & acne & # 39;

The CSHS Chief Executive, HCMC Police said that many of the forces had been the arrest of two suspects and so far they have identified the crime.

The robber was the death of a ban that was banned: A & # 39; ask suspicion & acne & # 39; "width =" 145 "height =" 101

The robber was deadly theft; is banned: arrested & # 39; acne & # 39;

There were a number of skill makers in a number of units that spread the house in the Go Vap area, which was arrested by the suspects; attacking the body that killed knights on the street.

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