Staff hold failure for high-speed tubular & # 39; defensive material & protection


In the meantime, social article described its waterproof reflection in Da Nang – Quang Ngai's high speed tunnel, and going through town 4, Tam My Tay commune, Nui Thanh (Quang Nam) area, with Theatrical fault portraits will be transported on some places. Under the article hundreds of attitudes have been challenged; water.

On the afternoon of November 21, looking at the underground tunnel at the junction, 4 tapes were tied at the top of the tunnel; White strips are glued together in a row, with about one meter. At any time, the failure is stopped.

There is a drop-in point on several lines. Photograph: Dai Loc.

There is a point on the top of the tunnel which holds a failure on several sets. Photograph: Dai Loc.

Many local people said that the high speed was involved, when heavy rain, underground tunnels in the area; weakening; Waterfall falls in the middle of the road; affecting travel, so people have petitioned on local government, management of a senior management unit.

"A few days ago, some of the staff came in, and then we saw the failure that was transported over many places for unknown reasons," said one resident.

Le Quang Hao, a general vice-director of the Vítnea Express Development Agency (VEC) Corporate and the Da Nang – Quang Ngai tourist reservoir, was rejected by using a waterproof failure. He said that the summit initiatives were sealed and the contractor sent the xika material into water-water.

Disposal of movement failure to protect the pull on the side. Photograph: Dai Loc.

Directors' representatives said that "failure to keep inside was". Photograph: Dai Loc.

According to Mr Hao, in the process of being & # 39; pumping water-resistant materials, staff will hold a failure to protect them, when the failure to dry the failure.

Tollail through the town of A2 packets, a WB line funded by the Shandong Bridge Road (China) construction company as a construction contractor. In early September, the road was opened.

Da Nang – Quang Ngai has a total of 34,500 billion VND capital, there is a total of 107 bridges along the entire route, which includes 4 large bridges; crossing the river, 103 bridges and bridges; 151 underground excavations, 168 drainage coasts and 281 round enclosures.

By the end of October, VEC, by reviewing the JICA loan line from Km0 to Km65, found that the unit found 21 bridges that increase water from the strip between the columns; try to insert water drainage extracts.

There was also Km65 to Km139 that the surface of the waterway surface is stagnant; Some bridges, underground tunnels will show water diversity, and Jumping from the construction point to the sewers, and the water pipes are felling from the sections.

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