Staff income has been around the same level for ten years


In emergencies, the household income was the most stable. Non-employed staff altered slightly and amongst self-employed staff with staff decreased to 2013 and then recovered substantially.

Income men are much higher than women

At 42,300 euro, the average earnings among workers are well above the 27,100 euros of women in employment. This difference is mainly due to the fact that women are working part-time more often. There is little income for men and women up to the age of 25, and after that it increases.

The average or moderate income of your median income is that you submit all income from low to high incomes. So that is a bit different from the average income, where you put up all the income and divide the number of people.

NOS have previously reviewed 3 why our income has risen slightly over decades. Watch the video clip below:

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