Staff with English-speaking English will make Tran Thanh a & # 39; enjoyment


Changed to the most beautiful guests, the group "7 Ba Long An" has become the most popular advocate.

& # 34; I love you, I love you, I love you

Last night on VTV3, in the episode "Little Miss" episode 3, a lot of listeners drew attention from a group of 7 competitors called "7 Ba Long An".

With her first singing band of seven youngsters, if Tran Thanh said he can not face her, father's just fun, Huynh Ling is very resilient when he / she thinks that children on aerobics The Post Two discussion boards with two different ideas, but unfortunately no one has to make a real judgment because the group's great talents work as children as a children's actress.

& # 34; I love you, I love you, I love you

Encouraged in a joy of happiness, "7 Ba Long An" produces the reporter when it changes to flying attendants and his / her; show incredible acting and ability to speak English. clean

Although the "travelers" Tran Thanh are sometimes unlikely to make the "childmaster" unfavorable, but the girls are always in a position; trying to stop and smile. For a professional comedy comedy for a "children's crew".

The two "fire" competing bidding boards will be copied to a & # 39; This group of talented candidates, especially Tran Thanh, Anh Tu as they sit on the fire because there are no team competitors.

& # 34; I love you, I love you, I love you. - 3

Within a few minutes, "7 Ba Long An" chose to go home Tran Thanh and Anh Tu were delighted with the season.

At the end of the night, 100 studio spectators at the studio voted for their favorite competitors. With 78 votes, the "7 Ba Long An" group has been the finest competitors of the 15 million prize.

& # 34; I love you, I love you

So, Tran Thanh – the Anh Tu team whose favorite candidates also have become a winner, who gets the 20 million prize.

She is famous in a small show of talent talent story in English fluently

After the "Little Pinkie" program, it was broadcast, Doan Ngoc Minh Anh, 5 years old, was featured in a prominent online newsletter because of the # 39; that "English" can be killed as a wind …

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