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On July 1st last year, the needs for staff layoffs were expanded to take more businesses into account. The system means that everyone who is active in a room where business activity is to be listed in the beds. Personnel officers will impose an unsuitable administrative tracking on all care companies, without any evidence that the Swedish Taxation Company is in a position; Getting in to battles with the system. At the same time, the introduction of staff officers poses a risk to hard-looking groups that are already in a vulnerable situation in the & # 39; labor market.

A staff member is a list of people who are active in the workplace. Every time a person who works in the company or who comes to the service will come leaving workplace, need to be recorded – many who confirm that they are not accessible in the long run. It should be easy to reach and update regularly if your Tax Agency is & # 39; visit. The Taxation Authority will count to allow everyone in the registered workplace to be recycled. If someone has been lost, their tax company can pay control over the SEK 25,000.

Entrepreneurs are behind the ambitions to block unwanted work, tax bans and unhealthy competition, but it is imperative that this work is based on fair and balanced evidence. There is currently no reliable and trustworthy investigation that staff officers have to reduce their black work. Instead, we see that the adverse effects of the system and the Swedish Taxation Agency are very tangible and visually impaired. A number of entrepreneurs demonstrate confirmation methods when authority inspectors enter and block work, increase administrative burden in their day-to-day work, and worries about the risk for high costs for knowledge of very difficult mistakes about the handling of the employee's officer.

On the other hand, administrative costs, liabilities and regulatory burdens are more likely to affect companies and their employees only. Employers are responsible for ensuring that the staff enter the staff member. This reduces the willingness of companies to go to; including those that are far from the labor market, which can lead to a greater risk due to errors in staff laws. There are strict penalties that involve many entrepreneurs; choose to have an opportunity with which they are going into the business. The demands on the staff are becoming increasingly bigger. So the rules are multi-shaped.

Prior to the introduction of the system, entrepreneurs and several organizations brought out the dangers to the Tax Agency. Unfortunately, he fell to deaf ears. The Swedish Taxation Group promised the current system to be evaluated by the end of the year, but not, according to the authority, is at its forefront and it is expected that delay will be delayed; as it goes to the year 2019-2020. This is indeed unsuitable. Both the Swedish Taxation Agency and the newly-appointed government need to take a big deal and listen to the companies that are very tired of the uninstitutional rules for staff officers.

Entrepreneurs should focus focus on running and running. improving their businesses, without maintaining systems for unauthorized public authorities. The system of staff officers will affect the companies that are cautious, their employees, and those who are far from the labor market. That person does not allow that person to make mistakes a burden to an authority or a politician, on the other hand. It is time to assume that the system of staff was a mistake and the system was stopped.

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