Star Citizen will host $ 200 million in sessions ahead of the week free


Star Citizen has just transferred over $ 200 million worth. That important number looks more when you put together the budgets most of the most popular video games: just three other games – GTA 5, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Star Wars: The The Old Republic has never had more than $ 200 million budgets to play together.

The Voluntary Multifunctional Disambiguation (The Cloud Imperium Games developer has promised to complete the entire track record next month), but does not stop spacemakers from to drag it. According to its funding page, more than 2 million supporters have transported money at around $ 94 per person.

He helped with the money he had received at CitizenCon last year, where he showed another rusher looking for stars for Sgudron 42, and # 39; play one-fold out.

He may also get another major financial fund next week, because he will be free from the next week. Play from November 23 to November 30. You can search Hurston, a & # 39; The first planet at the game, which will be a "#; open next to the free trial time Next Read more of this week free of charge in Christ's passage here.

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