Star Jay Baruchel "Star How To Train Your Dragon" says he's his musicians & # 39; disappoints &


Since he first played the playings nine years ago, the How do you move your dragon? licensing has been a great deal for Hollywood, with a series of short films, a television series, and now the third and final film that has been opened all over the country this week.

Many young people have grown up with the characters, but the star is Jay Baruchel, a humorous Canadian actor who says that Hiccup, which is translated by the Vikings, says that young fans The movie that can be met in a "very awful life" life.

"I have many friends in my opinion," Oh, my children love him Dragon films. Here, here, they want to meet you. This is Hiccup! "He said in an interview on BuzzFeed News & Twitter's showcase AM to DM Wednesday. "And you're just looking to, & # 39; … it's not Hiccup. & # 39;

"Amazingly to a large extent. Unfortunately," he smiled. "Ten years of children personally disappointed."

Baruchel, who is also familiar with the raunchy comedies This is coming to an end, tropa tours, knock up, and She is outside my league, he said he was recognized through his voice as a result Dragon films.

"One old lady told me in Los Angeles," When you know just by talking, you know that you did; do fucking! "He said.

It also helps staff wherever possible by a & # 39; signing messages for their students. "My mother's mom is a teacher in Nova Scotia," he said. "It was my way you wanted me to say and said," Just tell them what Mrs. Nic a ' MacPherson says, "So I did that and she uses it well."

The third film in the voting permit, How to guide your Dragon: the hidden world, visiting the playgrounds on Friday, and Baruchel said he did not work well what life seems to be Hiccup.

"Since the beginning I had my first registration session in summer, and so from that time to date there has not been a time where I stopped playing, "said Baruchel. "So, yes, I'm changing life without Hiccup."

He said he hopes that the films will be leaving young supporters; A powerful feeling to try to make a change in the world.

"Believing in yourself is good and good, but I think these films are more incredible than you," he said.

"I think you need to believe in things larger than yourself, and simply not to accept that just as things in a particular way mean no matter what they need to be. "

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