Star of the "Kitchen" series accidentally for a picture: "Masterpiece"


His well-known actress had a & # 39; fans like new hunts in nature

A star for a photo featured the "Kitchen" television series starred into spectacular scenes of Sri Lanka island. Above overseas, the actor took hold of spicy shots with supporters on the Instagram page.

The picture turned into secret. Almost the expert is not at all badly suffering – his / her swimsuit almost did not; cover her nakedness body. His actress was on a long while & # 39; falling falls behind him.

Initially, the girl could be mistaken for someone else. However, in the second picture Maria Gorban turned over her shoulder and showed her a beautiful face, who was happy with the fans.

Most of the writers wrote a & # 39; Appreciate the new star of a TV series star. "Chic", "beautiful", "best work" – she got such awards just after she was released. For an hour, the post gave the prize to Instagram about 10 miles.

But, find one of the smokers in the beautiful figure Maria Gorban. He felt it was difficult for her recent actress to have her sorrow. According to the reporter: "It was also beautiful from her alone."

Earlier, it was known that there was a spiritual knowledge of the private life of another Russian actress. As it emerged, the star from the series "Fizruk" Evgenia Dmitrieva has recently taken. She said she had no plans for delays in maternity leave and went back to filming fast television projects.

The child's father is Eugenia's student, who met her at the theater venue. Vladimir Kimmelman is 18 years younger than her actress.

According to the Russian media, a long time ago, Evgenia Dmitrieva and her 27-year-old election created. Her own actress does not want to tell Vladimir about his supporters. He has a number of film appointments, as well as participating in drama productions.

His Ukrainian, Irma Vitovskaya, warned Ukrainians about the danger in the election. According to her, in March, Ukrainians choose the extra output that she has at her. war in the Donbass. She asked not to try.

"We need to understand our security and external relationships. Gas, resources and other items are chosen in the fall. And now we choose: we & # 39 influencing us and the end of this war is to support Ukraine, "said Irma.

In addition, his actress told the politician Israel Golda Meir: "We want to live. Our enemies want us to die. There is not enough room for co- resolved. "

Angelina Jolie remembers children; selling food in the park.

Politeka, a well-known Hollywood actress "lit up", said in the Ukrainian printing.

Politeka also wrote, the famous actress of fans with individual drawings hit his fascinating age.

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