Starbucks will host a virtual shop throughout Alibaba Apps


Starbucks said on Friday a new online store in China that allows customers to order their favorite drinks and food from a Seattle based coffee firm in many mobile apps at Alibaba Group and the China Starbucks app.

The different source will provide Starbucks grants within the Alibaba apps, including Taobao, Alipay and early, Tall. Alibaba technology forms the basis for the combined knowledge.

The united one-stop center is part of the ongoing collaboration between Starbucks and the giant Hangzhou headquarters technology. He talks to the efforts of Alibaba for his & her; strengthen its local on-demand services and it is the responsibility of Starbucks' commitment to stimulate and enhance its needs. Encourage human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighbor at the same time.

The authentication of its authentic shop also has a & # 39; demonstrate the ability of "Alibaba Work System" which aims to empower traditional retailers. After years of development in this digital age, Alibaba has created a special system to support digital-scale digital enterprise processes that include essential fields such as sales, marketing, finance and logistics.

"This digital collaboration with Alibaba Group creates new levels of communication that can not be seen in today's market with customers," said Starbucks in a statement.


By going to the Starbucks page on Taobao, customers can now deliver their coffee, buy a gift for someone else, or get to the Starbucks on Tmall banner.

Starbucks Air Immigration

In October, Starbucks put its first "Star Kit" in two Freshippo supermarkets in Hangzhou and Shanghai. Star Kitchens will enable the delivery and delivery of Freshippo, with a 30-minute or less delivery time, to expand the availability and reach of the Starbucks delivery service. At present, the "Starbuck Delivers" program covers 2,000 stores over 30 major cities in China.

"By adding strengths to our transformational strategic partnership with Alibaba Group, this new milestone in the Starbucks digital strategy will add to our capabilities to digital knowledge even more personalized and more interesting to Chinese customers, "said Molly Liu-anident of a digital campaign of Starbucks China.

The new Starbucks store also allows buyers to buy gifts for their friends and friends through the "Say It with Starbucks" option. As well as gift cards, the store features Starbucks and products, such as coffee beans and mugs, from the Starbucks Tmall flag.

The different source provides support to customers who are interested or registered in the & # 39; Starbucks Prize Program. From the membership registration, freedom of benefit, and a range of Starbucks motto offers, the internet source provides more opportunities for buyers to earn points from their purchases.

Starbucks said he hopes that Alibaba's strong pipe line will help to make it easier. introduces "special growth fuel" in his prize membership in China.

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