Starlink's Internet is Elon Musk's title of greenening


He can give it to a sum of money. But he does not aim to spend a summer home spend, but it is back to his SpaceX. If you have not been living in the last few years on an abandoned island, you know that you are familiar with Elon Musk and know about the advanced science and technology plans that we know our borders. From electronic carriages, through the Tollail under Los Angeles to the Martian settlement. This person knows how to become immense.

The next plan at Starlink. A project that includes satellites in the World orbit of Internet broadcasting without linking worldwide. This project, Musk, is a bit of a Facebook competition, with similar plans to the future. However, muscles are made and the test version of her soldiers has already been on her fingers; live in the Earth's orbit. For he used to be & # 39; stay on the island, your short internet time is available.

Space X Falcon 9

12 thousand satellites

Some were already agreed in March and their rest in mid-November, just a few days ago. In the Amazon, "Valentines" Musk, "Rocket Falcon 9, will be released. On the way, SpaceX does not further develop it, but is dedicated to the rack BFR. At the same time, it may be an arc that will bring people to Mars. The Starlink project has already been approved by the United States government for Musk.

Now in your orbit

There are only a few papers to run the project. Thanks to Starlink, SpaceX is earning adequate money to support other projects that are going to do it. including Red Planet Coordination. No other company so far has been able to improve its prestigious service, and Starlink is expected to be very interesting.


Starlinku we can wait before we were waiting first. Only just a year ago, this project was just to climb, but Musk and the project did not really.

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