Stars indicate the contribution to save people not only the Showbiz Truong Tri-Life


Monday, 11/11/2018 05:00 AM (GMT + 7)

Many of the stars and volunteers of China received support for the noble act.

Truong Tri Lam

Recently, "Guo Jing" Truagh Tri Lam decided to send members after the death of fans' attention. This information is published by the actor on his personal page, where his organs and bone marrow are treated medicinally.

Stars indicate the contribution to save Truong Tri Lam not only - 1

Speaking of the purpose of this beautiful campaign, the actor said: "When I went back to Hong Kong for a film, I received a letter saying that someone was responding to my bones and that I needed help, I first put it in touch, but it was too late. I feel sad and tough. "

Even his wife, Miss Bay Yu, also supports her husband well. At the same time, she herself herself appeared to be given to her husband's cures. The couple have been together for 17 years. Previously, the two spent eight years of passionate love.

The stars name human sacrifices but not only Truong Tri Lam - 2

Despite the great stock of the film, both are still rented until 2015. At the time of the film, 14th anniversary of the wedding, the actor gave his special wife worth $ 1.5 million (about $ 34 billion) at Causeway Bay and another $ 900,000 (around $ 20 billion).

Mạnh Đình Lệ

Her beautiful actress lost his last breath in hospital on 6 February, 2016 due to the death of a brain after behavior.

After the death of Manh Dinh Le, his father shared with the reporter the reason for her daughter's contribution: "Mạnh Đình Lệ was in coma for 11 days, hospital doctors were handed over to the care but they could not help them. No one can meet in a tough situation, so We hope that our daughter can even die other people. "

Stars indicate the contribution to save Truong Tri Lam not only - 4

The story of Manh Dinh has created a broad influence in the community, thanks to its nobles, eight other patients were saved.

The cause of his death over work, continued to stroke at the movie school Strong up! Mo Linh. Her uncle's actress said: "My sister had a cold, and this caught a snare and relaxed, so she fell into an impaired problem, high blood pressure and blood in the brain."

Stars indicate the contribution to keep Truong Tri Lam only - 5

According to Sina, Manh Dinh took part in two films at the same time, and did not sleep for 24 hours. A radioactive radio station was also inspected by the authorities according to the following; Customers needed to work 5 m, but they still needed to come to the office at 8m as usual. Many people even wake up to 7 or 8 days.

Mạnh Đình Lệ, known as Mạnh Tường Lệ, was born in 1966 in Taiwan. Huong So Dai transmission, Spirit, Coinnich language … In 1994, she became the MC television post.

Yao Boi Na

Spectators who are leaving Yao Bo Na Na are considered to be one of the biggest losses of the Chinese showbiz. The singer has a special voice that makes it difficult for the listener to forget.

She began to be aware of her / her / her / her population won his first prize in the CCTV singing competition in 2008. In addition, she also composed the songs of the film Chan Truyen, Tape, 2, 1942 …

Stars indicate the contribution to save Truong Tri Lam, not just - 6

Since November 2011, Yao Boi Na has been suffering from a chronic cancer and started off with her. play radiation. However, the disease was more difficult to cause her hospital on 26 December 2014. Since then, she lost her sensation and deepness until she died on the afternoon of January 16, 2015.

Before his death, the singer did not forget to encourage her parents and supporters to be sad of their loss. Yao's ultimate desire is to supply the current railway line to two patients.

Stars indicate the contribution to save Truong Tri Lam not only - 7

On the afternoon of January 17, Xinhua News Group said that a 26-year-old man from Shenzhen had already joined Yaoi Bai Na, along with pictures of the doctors working in the work. Doctors, Dr. Yuyao Xiaoming said that the surgery was run at 23 hours 08 minutes on 16 January and successfully lasted hours.

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When Zhang Chenglin gave organs and a bone marrow, Chi's Bay spoke up quickly.

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