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Starship & # 39; on the Red Star – a 15-year-old memory. – Mars study A neighbor's neighbor's plan It is a look that the next star that people might learn is. Not even to go to the center in the future, to come to another converter After the New Mars Optometry vehicles, it is anticipated that the longest intention people run on their & # 39; planet is blocked all the time.

Vehicles & Optoelectronics & # 39;
Cars & # 39; opening the New Age &

Administration of Airfares and Spaniards of the United States (NASA) or NASA sends orders for work to probes. New Mars Optometry on Mars for the last time After the stop plane stormed a Mars storm and lost for months.

NASA said that the operating center was not connected to the Wheel Verifiers (Rover). Cothrom Mars for more than 8 months after dust storms across Mars A & # 39; sunshine to shine down to the surface And the solar panel of the car can not get a new energy Although the backdrop battery is also away

Since the massive storm storms of Mars began to flow down, NASA tried to connect to the vehicle but there was no response signal. Although the above release statement has been issued more than 1,000 times over the last few months, many NASA experts expect Optoportiitm It should be able to sleep without awakening

So the craft work ended with respect and joy with the intention of humanity for more than 15 years

Cars & # 39; opening the New Age &
Valley Perseverance Valley was recorded in May 2007

New Opium is considered to be "probe Mars". Who makes the longest intent as the second class with travel statistics On the surface of the red view up to 40 kilometers over the past 15 years

It is a carriage with wheeled wheels, only a humanity, a record of 45 km, but has stopped working for a long time.

Although Opoporti Nathas's Spirit Vehicle (Spirit) has two vehicles, NASA has indicated that it stopped working since 2011 after the spirits running to the sand and lost contact with the center. Working

However, both spirits And the Optometrists have done their campaigns beyond NASA that was originally designed.

Opium New Mart was designed to work for just 3 months to explore the geological conditions of Mars after rising from the ground in 2003 and coming to the Star Star in January. 2004

John Collins, Optoportiitm's mission manager NASA has no good farewell, saying that Optometrist bids are easier than giving a blessing to the long spirits

"He is a man. Your love is lost. And you still hope it's still safe and it must return But as the time goes through the month You're coming to her; point that you need to take it Let me go, "said Colas.

Vehicles & Optoelectronics & # 39;
The team created the Openton & # 39 ;.

Abigail Freeman The only dedicated body said that when Mars Opoporti Nite arrived on land on Mars He was still a secondary student and then looked at his / her. mission through his speech as an immigrant to graduate in planetary science. And working with NASA regularly at the Laboratory Jet Propulsion Laboratory And come in to get the current situation

"The Optomettism mission can be seen very long. This probe Is it a key perspective in human research Mars. It's a good thing. The two self-exploration vehicles And the working group behind every "Optimality Mars" project, said Freeman.

However, the completion of their investigation project Does not mean that the Red Star's purpose of humanity will be " come to an end. On the other hand, Optometism has contributed to other research projects. Continuing several missions

Similar to a new search engine Established the latest technology such as Curiosity and Insight, designed to stand up to the harder weather on Mars. And using energy from a nuclear reactor

Steve Squires, a scientist from Cornell University discusses the end of the fleet of all eye-makers. And that spirit is regarded as an honorary leader. One of the most important contributions of the two vehicles is to show scientists that there is rain in Mars.

In this regard, Mr Collas added. The end of these vehicles is the opening of a new search of Mars with new vehicles, more advanced technology.

Optometry Tell us better on our world and give Mars a star of the planet

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