Starting ominous details about the problems in Staro Oryahovo, the grandfather of Nedyalko's grandfather in the court (FOTOS) did not kill – Blitz


Varna District Court ordered the "most difficult" measure for the 23-year-old Todor Todorov, who was accused of murder in a particularly brutal manner and in particular marriages with 70-year-old Nedyalko neighbor, recites

The young man did not put his face from the media, or when he came to court, or at the hearing or after him.

It was clear in the hall that Todor had not been convicted so far and he has been fairly legal. There is also a permanent address in the town of Staro Oryahovo.

Rossitsa Georgieva Prosecutor has been trying to make the most difficult step; Despite the bad crime, and Todor has been completely disappointed. He was sent to the young man for murder, proven in a very painful and seriously saddened manner. For its function, the law provides between 15 and 20 years of imprisonment, imprisonment or imprisonment life should be replaced.

Todor's defense adviser, lawyer, Anita Lyubenova, said he was sorry about what he did and that the incident was alcoholic.

After hearing the procurator and defense, the judge said, due to a testimony of evidence and his belief that it was an offense, although Todor had been legally legitimate and permanent address , there was a high level of risk for the person to commit crime, so he has to make the promise very bad.

It became apparent, according to the witnesses in Todor, that consideration was given in advance and a decision about the defense activity.

People in the town also said that the young man was aggressive and frightened.

Depending on the evidence of witnesses from the town, the two who used a lot of alcohol in the local inn were even chartered on their way home. After the strike, Todor's 23 year old made a number of shoots with his neighbor's hands, and then began to beat him with a wooden wheel.

"There were restrictions for arresting the biggest contract waiting test, although the person is suspended, and the law itself has a & # 39 ; eliminating such a danger when such a serious crimes of serious crimes disagree or commit another crime, that many strokes have been on their body who are in essential groups and have been executed. There was a reason for the incident, the decision was made in advance. In the extent found, just what strokes are in At the first stage of which we continued to collect evidence, including different beliefs. It is acknowledged and revealed that he did so. Lamentably and how which has been hit by wooden sticks and hands, "said prosecutor Georgieva.


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