StartUp says that they have started the first hard hardware that is going on; making state goods


At present, most of the electronic devices are used with lithium-ion batteries, and although they are working calmly, they still have problems with their life and capacity of resources. For this reason, for years it has been said that the batteries of a strong state will be the following major reform.

A number of companies such as Dyson, BMW and Fisker are automated to compete in order to be able to. The first one is to achieve high output without a & # 39; get more fortune. But now, according to the Chinese media, a Chinese Chinese company could be the first to achieve such a goal.

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According to Xinhua, Qing Tao Energy Development Co., a leading technology company at Tsinghua University, has used a solid-state battalion production line in Kunshan, eastern China. Nan Cewen, Chief Executive, says they have invested more than 144 million dollars in this first product.

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