Startups will eliminate the importance of exploring the commercial boundaries of Science


In a small office hidden inside the very narrow corridors in a shopping center in Israel, it is similar to the control of the Nasa mission in Houston.

However, rows of scientists and flight rulers do not carry impressions, all the arms are based on a large screen that is printed on a large screen. spacecraft registration. And spiders do not tell them they have a problem.

Instead, there are three large computing screens that show a global map; shows satellite, about the size of a large shoe box, and the removal of the globe. It is one of many independent independent space networks that carry out tests for pay clients, including medicine companies, universities and chemical companies.

This is the new boundaries for spatial research and research. Major government agencies have no monopoly, such as Nasa. The department has a commercial, spacing room for large-scale companies, including SpaceX and Boeing, but also a busy start. using cheaper access to the heavens.

The one in Israel, SpacePharma, is trying to & # 39; including one emerging space business: a digital bias test.

At the heart of what it provides is the ability to run exams in an unavailable position on its & # 39; planet now – deep zero, or pretty close to zero, environment. And without the unavoidable, constant globality that has been constantly restricted to all tests, a new science range is in place; promises disappointment.

Install nanosatellite

A technologist will create a nanosatellite SpacePharma before making a rocket with Indian in 2017. Photograph: Handbag

"In space, everything is different," said Yair Glick, SpacePharma's research and development director. There are almost no chemists, plants and even human cells – a & # 39; The same behavior is in minority as they are on Earth.

Even the simplest test is to bring new results: "If we mix water with oil, we know that the water is going down and the oil. It's not so in space," says Glick.

News do not always have to be bad – in fact, the unresolved focus in the face of the disaster, the disaster, the danger and its disruption. blame the dangers that prove to the public that the world is not hopeful and we have nothing.

This series is a problem, an attempt to show that there is enough hope, because our journalists searching for beginners, trainees, best practices, unconnected heroes, ideas that work, ideas and possibilities that may come.

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National sports groups have been making mistakes for decades, often on the effects of muscles and astronomers' bones, but also on how it works. affecting other elements, such as flames – they do not just scratch it; make a ball.

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The results have been amazing. One test carried out by the Japan Aerospace Research Group was the protesters associated with Duchenne's ovary otter, which is particularly the case. affecting and leaving young boys.

Proteins, cell-blocking blocks, vary to a different extent in room because they are not excavated by the traction and shape of the Earth in a more orderly manner. Researchers were able to record their new structure and make treatment that significantly delayed the effect of illness. The creators say that they can double the life of a patient and keep them up to 25, instead of 12.

Rich Godwin hosting the Space Technology Holding USA company, Provides research carried out in space and related to the # 39; direct market. It is a major market that can be in commercialized micro-media tests, it is a belief, and expects to achieve a greater success as it is; give priority. "He does not change chemistry. He's changing physics," he said. "It's like creating a" "microscope."

Yossi Yamin, the chief executive and founder of SpacePharma, estimates that around 30 private companies have a & selling behavioral tests.

There are three main ways to do it. The first one can do the Land to rent and fly aircraft; suffering in a parabolic plane, which represents a proportion of stress. But the process is quite innocent and only a few seconds.


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26th October, 2016

Instead most companies have a & # 39; Rent a 250 mile space up to the International Spey Station, which is a feature of the ground floor buildings business on the ground. They make small self-movable labels that are mounted on a rocket, often when strikes are delivered, and put them into the wall. Here, heat can be heated, cooled, and automated pumps allow chemicals to mix.

SpacePharma also provides free distribution chattels, which are available. affecting the Earth independently. The first one was put up on an Indian rocket in 2017.

Video of an Indian satellite mission

In the small office in Herzliya, a city that is a Israeli technical center, the nanosatellites are manufactured by hand, in a 3D plastic printer lab and supply board. "If you have independent mobile units, you can order and control it from your mobile phone," said Yamin, who worked for the Israeli soldier's fleet for 25 years.

Each satellite costs around £ 2.4m but there is enough room for 12 clients, and their exams can run together, reduce the cost significantly. It has a value of around half billion on its commercial spatial research industry, respect. But he is trying to market growth.

Pharmaceutical companies create drugs that are more efficient than those made on Earth. Once the prolanans are more perfect to be created, they can be used as a "seed" for a & # 39; doubled back on Earth. "These are an excellent work that was created in an orbit," said Yamin.

The next level in the range of microgravity, business experts, is to be "space factories" where only materials that can be done in place are made.

Twyman Clements, chief executive of Space Tango, is a US company that started the last year and has carried out 88 tests in the area, including one commissioned by Budweiser on barley and another who was look at how cannabis is replicated in the area. But now it's a move to & # 39; make materials in place and take them back.

"It's not just a search here. She has a substantial claim," said Clements, who grew up on a farm in Kentucky and made his own rockets. "We are looking at high value products made in humility for Earth," he said. They have to have a high price tag because it costs so much to put up and down stuff.

Customers already look to make fiberglass cables, which are more efficient when made in a place. And it is another product that may be introduced into an orbit that includes a refining of a refined vision, which is made from prints that are They are lightened but not good at Earth. Space Tango looks at how to make them in space.

"The next steps are going to be done," said Clements. "That did not happen well yet. Retinal effects may be the first one."

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