State Ministry of Security Ministry of Vietnam investigated the breakdown of PVN Association


Implementing the 2018 monitoring plan, the Vietnam State Survey (State Audit) has examined the financial statements, activities related to the regulation and use of capital and property in 2017 of the Petroleum Group Vietnam (PVN).

During its investigation process, the State Audit found some breach of the Project of the Project of the Mac Project; Your Foundry (PMU) under PVN and some groups, individuals involved.

Especially: When you analyze to confirm the financial information that you have; Debt accounts within the PVN company and the 2017 Project Management Unit, the State Audit will be detected by the end of 2017, and its administrative board; project and some fish transfer to the PWN parent company account, the balance at 12/31/2017 is more than 8.5. Through scrutiny of records, collection of documents and explanation of the units, the State Audit finds errors related to the movement of the sums above.

According to State Audit, from 2010 to 2015, with many investment investment agreements and written agreements, the Project Board of Directors has left the accounting books, financial statements have been expressed through investment agreements at the Stock Bank Common Military Military (MB) – Thanh Hoa Joint Banking Bank and Marine Commercial Bank (Harbor Bank) – Thanh Hoa Branch. The sum of money outside the books was under the first PVC 22.1 billion survey.

The above-mentioned non-interest income is coming from a & # 39; utilizing PVN assets and receiving money from service contract performance with Nghi Son Refinery Co., Ltd, investment museum.

Therefore, the Governing Body has signed term tendering contracts but they are not overseeing it and their. take full account of time deposits to the account books, but only show interest payments to obtain a difference of interest rate, as well as account books, and break up the provisions of the Accounting Law.

To carry out the above behavior, PMU has agreed with MB MB of Thanh Hoa and the Thanh Hoa Bank Bank Branch to take the different interest in the form: Get money; To change the difference of interest rate to the personal account; Provide money to account under the administration board name & # 39; project but not to include the bookkeeping system for monitoring and reflection according to rules.

According to PVN, after searching and seeking payment, PVN, PMU and some people transferring money to PVN account. more than 8.5 billion, asked by Nguyen Khac Nìyen Board – Project Board of Directors paid directly to a 4 billion PVN account.

In addition, the report on comparison results between PVN and MB shows that the Project Management Unit did not honestly report the 1,626 billion VND figures on account 8401100999009 as it was governed.

Behavior to detect legal signals through inspection activities of the Forget Project Project. Due to the time in which these errors occur, the time has passed and its time is over. Including the parties that sign the agreement as well as receipt and use of interest difference; This content may have a breach of broader scope and scale, with the responsibility of the collections and the people involved.

So, the State Audit requested the & # 39; Police Police Ministry of Public Security to clarify and handle its lawsuit according to the law and to inform the State's Survey of the findings of the inspection and handling.

Luan Innear

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