State of the nations before the 2019 World Cup


For some higher-level countries, a year has grown and developed, and others have been very hard when they build on their, a global showcase competition that looks at paper.

The Springboks will relay together before playing them. Photograph: AFP

TOWN CAPE – The umbrella has settled on the international stage of November and the coral reflection time has begun 10 months from the next World Earth Cup in Japan.

For some higher-level countries, a year has grown and developed, and others have been very hard when they are building on their; A global showcase competition that looks at a paper to become one of the most open-ended years.

Reuters will assess the state of the countries.


The 10th anniversary of the New Zealand New Zealand will be finalized in the final game of their trip at the end of the season to do something to disturb the previous two games, where they passed over England and they lost her; Ireland.

All Blacks are still the consoles in a test rugby and, despite the loss of South Africa and Ireland this year, their conclusions are unlikely to be who won the third straight Cup in the world well above his & # 39; 2-1 signal.

How England and Ireland can recite the British and Irish Macleods in 2017 by sending them to the " However, they will be frightened that a template for the All Blacks has been demolished.

There's a question that just has one attempt to & # 39; Assignment over England and Ireland's games is more important to the development of North-American or unaccountable protection against All Blacks, they may not be answered in truth but in Japan.

The talented hall that Steve Hansen's coach does not have as deep as he works with unfurnished exhibitions, but he is definitely a Think about how he will use it, especially in the middle of a field.


Six Nations Grand Slam, a & # 39; The first series of tests in Australia for almost 40 years and November was very popular with the All Blacks that were made in 2018 and, year, Ireland became a world-wide World Cup.

Johnny Sexton's year-old player had needed a stop stop in Paris to start 11 benefits in 12, but that would have been the benefits in London, Melbourne and Sydney.

Testing against the United States, Italy and Argentina meant November was totally about New Zealand and Ireland registered its record; The biggest impact on world shops was Conor Murray, Robbie Henshaw and Sean O Brien a & # 39; Speaking books for Joe Schmidt's depth spread.

The world's best side is to enter the World Cup year with backup on all settings and paths such as prop Tadhg Furlong, James Ryan's blue and James Stockdale, a & # 39; Bidding together with Murray and Sexton as the best in the world.

There would be another Six Nations title – a four-haul crash in six seasons for Schmidt – the Irish guards; touching the trip to Japan.


Eddie Jones refused to behave off when England was doing 24 medals from the first 25 games and did not worry when they lost five in the series this year.

So, it is not surprising that it is not behaved after the Summer series that have moved correctly into the World Cup talk – if they were out of there.

After a 2-1 row in South Africa, England continued with another win over Springboks, a single point bombardment with New Zealand, a major impact on the route in Japan and 37-18 fighting in Australia.

They left them with a 50% co-employment rate from 12 games this year, but most spectators would think that the Twickenham glass would be much larger than tall.

Listed for Jones's long injuries to the senior team invasion for third and fourth players in some occupations and found possessions that could not exist, and not only Joe Cokanasiga, born in Fiji, was a bonus when he developed his depth.

He now has two months to absorb the latest lessons and they have to hit the land that flows away to Ireland in the Six Nations when England can only improve a & # 39; border ending out of & # 39; fifth place in 2018.

Jones also has four World Cup wrestling games, including another man in front of Ireland at Twickenham.

With France and Argentina protesting for formal, England looks like it; Starting to look a little more challenging and, behind six advantages after Australia, two opposed to South Africa and a flame inspired by TMO on New Zealand which was so easy to have been beneficial , they should travel to Japan to scare anyone.


Wales and Wales completed the exams in November for a & # 39; the first time and the end of the year with nine experiments coming out and running. Coach Warren Gatland World Cup plans stuck on the way.

A & # 39; The first advantage in 14 attempts over Australia is the most important thing, but Wales is also pleased with the way they stay home; win over Scotland and South Africa.

Gatland has been working to create a herring depth and this year gave opportunities to several new players.

The evidence came as an edge choice with 14 changes to Tonga troublesome 74-24 and Wales will have a " ending the third year in the world's populations, up from the seventh year by the end of 2017.

The change of Gareth Anscombe was a great success, and Dan Biggar and Rhys Patchell also thought that a good competition is in an important situation.

Providing access to almost three applications per game and its only adds 15 points to each team game that has become better in attack and defense in the last 12 months.

Their only losses came in 2018 across to Ireland and England, and are going to meet after their Six Nations in 2019 in a & # 39; build up the World Cup for what major tests will be for Japan.


The Springboks may have completed 2018 with a 50% win win, but the year back team and the real belief that they can become campaigners are much hopeful about the year's team World Cup.

The disruption over New Zealand in Wellington was the progress made by him; going on and the 2-1 home row over England in June earning Rassie Erasmus's new tenancy won a good decision.

The team has returned to a traditional, powerful, powerful Bok rugby rugby who carries his / her. a dance ball and a strong platform to remove the back.

The team is far from the finalized article, however, and the feature of errors that have been implemented which have turned folded games to prevent it is a feature throughout the year.

Amongst the losses, four have been in at least five points or less and all were the games that the team lost from the winning posts, and this will be a key factor eager to go into the World Cup.

It has not yet been possible to play a full-strength team due to the club's commitments for internationally-appointed players and he is happy to do so in Japan.


The worst 60-year trial season has been committing a promise; Australian rugby attack out and out of the park since the Wallabies were lost to New Zealand in the " final World Cup final.

In November, his first visit was made in 14 tests against Wales, Obtaining three problems with the exception of Italy and the sixteenth subsequent to England to abandon either of the world's campaigns, a situation if they give them the opportunity .

Australia has an adequate quality of quality, such as Israel Folau, David Pocock and Will Genia constantly being at risk, but a consistent 80-minute performance against quality assault has been looking further.

"If you do not have your cattle, you do not have your cattle", it is a phrase that likes to lose coaches. Certainly, some Australia seems to be out of depth at an international level.

Controlling and outbreak of the playground has contributed to the fact that there is an inaccurate situation but what it is; Despite Wallabies fans, the most on the back of the ridge comes close to the defense line with a very little idea of ​​how it breaks.

If the Michael Cheika coach lasts the nine-game review in 13 matches this year, which seems to be cut off to re-create on the next year of 2015 when it turned into a highly-assessed herring into World Cup finalists.


Scotland has been a game for anyone at Murrayfield but it is possible to regularly get away from home; Giving Gregor Townsend a coach night ahead of the World Cup.

Home-wide effects throughout England, France and Argentina have shown the abilities of They were bad, but badly in Wales (twice) and Ireland revealed what work still has to be done.

The 30-29 defeat for the United States in Houston in June was open, and the best result was a week later when they attacked Argentina 44- 15 in Resistencia.

After six strong nations, the international of November gave a good measure for the delight of Bailesend for World Cup and again they made a mixed bag.

Great success with Wales in Cardiff continued to be a real success over Fiji based on strong second half performance. The last two equipment defeated South Africa and a narrow influence on Argentina.

There are advantages in this year, Adam Hastings has come to a deep end; adds to depth, and has been a huge split among the advances that Townsend looks to build a powerful pack.

The coach believes that he has a team to compete with anyone in the Six Nations, and so the World Cup too, but the results do not have to do so; still appear as a whole, as Scotland is not yet consistent.


France will be happy to see the 2018 back where they have won three of their 11 exams and have suffered a long time. The first loss to Fiji, home ban is defined as "shame" with the middle of Mathieu Bastarea.

The side must build confidence ahead of the World Cup, although there are other obvious areas.

The French allowed for 26 points each game this year, although there were three exams at world camps in New Zealand.

If the coach Jacques Brunel hoped that they had learned lessons from that series, they were not clear, and gave them a second second time to go. sufferer of South African call and to allow Fiji to be & # 39; get that historic impact.

Captain Guilhem Guirado praised that the players had not respected the jumper and that they did not make the necessary effort after the loss of the islanders, and with the herring look that was not It's a great way to go on the World Cup, which is an area where a room for improvement is big.

Their secondary schools were an incredible logo for the countries over England and a complete 28-13 victory over World Cup opponents in Argentina, but a season in which France was back -exist.


Argentina got out of a poor start on the year to make the most of the Rugby Championship before they lost three games in the European defensive front row.

Mario Ledesma's coach and Argentine Rugby Union is a big problem. Follow the policy to do & # 39; Choosing most home-based players for the international.

Ledesma took over as a coach in August after Daniel Hourcade had just two advantages in 17 games and put a new spirit on the side.

Pumas was playing South Africa at home, overwhelmed Australia on Gold Coast and only succeeded in gaining three advantages for her. The first time they went into the Razbie Collection in 2012, with great thanks to the house to Australia.

That was the loss – the second largest prize in the second international rugby – which taxed due to & # 39; He has fought against Argentina.

It is not sure to lose it; Ireland, but France and Scotland have doubted their opportunities ahead of Japan's World Cup, where they were attracted in a competitive flame with England, France, the United States and Tonga.

Europe-wide players could remember to make the difference between a & # 39; winning and losing the bigger men's face in Japan.


Japan continued to develop a volunteer style by the Jamie Joseph coach who has been in the process of developing a volunteer style. means they should at least help their home support next year.

However, the Brave Blossoms & # 39; invasion system, together with basic inaccuracies, can not be protected by protection and this will be a focus for Joseph as Japan attempts to get -stead to the fourth leg for his & her; first time.

Joseph has been stressing the need for recent inconvenience that Japan has recently invaded Japan.

They have been extremely good against high-level nations, who have been 23-23 with France last year and have been in Paris; English guides with five points at half-time, before being lost.

They also highlighted 31 points against All Blacks in second place in Yokohama but promised 69 points in that game and 27 in a while; narrow advantage over Russia on Saturday.

If Japan is going on from Pole A, where they are divided by Ireland, Scotland, Russia and Samoa, they must exhibit steel in defense to give them the attack.

Joseph is moving since the Top League home rugby competition was not in 2019, leaving him for more than nine months to work with his opponents before the World Cup.


Italy received another year's passage that revealed the growing status of world rugby and revitalizing issues in which they were experiencing; value the Six Nations.

Chonor O'Saur's side managed two wins in 11 games, a narrow success in Japan and a home-based impact on Georgia, but as a result, he lost again beaten trips to Scotland in Rome .

They had their average score throughout the 16-38 year, although they did only over 20 points in a three-way game and only once, against Georgia, which agreed less than the number.

That indicates a limited attack and hard protection, with some time to settle issues before the World Cup.

Italy opens New Zealand and South Africa in their Japanese bath and seems to have little expectation to go to; circulate.

Their 66-3 wear showed all the shortcomings because they did not threaten their opponents' line and did not meet the speed of their opponents. ball in the hands of New Zealand.

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