State property initiatives "would be as good"


Prime Minister: state ownership initiatives

On 21 November, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung, chaired a meeting to revitalize and improve the performance of state-owned enterprises, aimed at corporations, corporations .

In a decision, the PM confirmed that it is essential for the development of the country. In countries in the world SOEs are to manage the economy. With that important place, the Prime Minister decided on the criteria for classifying SOEs, telling the share of state capital in enterprises and SOIs that did not have to hold a capital. In particular, the State continues to; largest port, airports, electricity, 4 large banks to manage cash policy, national protection, security, telecommunications, rubber, oil and gas …

The Government has set up the State Capital Regulation Committee at the initiative, not an intermediate organization, causing problems and poor concern for production and business. "How to guide your growth business, to take over the main role of the economy, not to decline," said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister recognizes that the state-of-the-art enterprise reform has made many important achievements, identifying two points: a & # 39; contributing to the establishment of macroeconomics, creating revenue resources for the State budget and its; reduce the number of State initiatives. SOEs (from more than 12,000 to less than 600). The PM said "not so good but less".

At the same time, the Government's chief executive noted that many of the SOEs were not in some inconvenience, sustainability, and efficiency. If better regulation, investment is the best investment in science and technology, the contribution is better. This is worrying about you. In addition to badly bad debts, losses, losses. There are many problems in publicity, transparency, control, control. Disturbing the status of several companies, securities did not start for many years of construction, the Prime Minister said we "do not spend over them" but not to invest In a domestic market situation, nearly 100 will have many problems in the development of millions of people and deep integration.

These constraints and weaknesses lead to many purpose and purpose reasons, but the Prime Minister stressed that the higher level of guidance was not implemented, the Government and the Prime Minister were not tight; The idea of ​​fear, their sense of rehabilitation in balance; fear of anxiety on loss of situation, post after balance, abolition of situation; The idea has prevented the reduction of the revision; group interests, corruption in balance, stopping.

Over the past, there are many issues of corruption, biodiversity and some of the issues of the prosecuted officers, corporate directors, corpses, ministries, departments and areas involved. This has many reasons, both due to the equipment and policies, both due to the error of long-term state control, in particular the error of the officers and organizations who are involved. It is the opinion of the Party and the State to continue; implement tight anti-corrosion work, overcoming deficiencies and constraints in balance, SOE capital. The Government will take an initiative in managing, reviewing and sending a # 39; Performing the equipment and policies to focus on rehabilitation.

"The Prime Minister recognizes the situation well, and sympathetically with partners, but he needs ministries, branches, areas, corporations, corporations and SOEs to increase Focusing on the implementation of production and business development, without impacting on the socio-economic development objectives, "said PM.

The Prime Minister wants the inspection and inspection work to be rigorous and rigorously controlled once a year to ensure business and business activities are done. The analysis of the research is to make initiatives more appropriate, better implement rules, policies related to tools. It is not going to deal with the breakdown of its & # 39; barriers to the development, in particular the active organizations need to build business confidence, investors, strengthen the market, strengthen the favorable business environment.

At the meeting, Prime Minister reports special needs for each stage, sections, corporations, corporations, SOEs. Restructuring, balancing, capital return is a market principle, publicity, transparency, without capital caps and loss of State property. Business balancing is even effective in attracting social capital, management development, and contributing to crime crime. Contingencies must be related to the registration of the stock market because there is a conquest process; Loss of enough state resources and is easily corrupt. Strive to "night" in balance.

For enterprises that are unlikely to complete their & # 39; plan balance as a result of purpose purposes, they should contact their First Minister the difficulties and difficulties for consideration and situation.

To clarify the responsibilities of individuals and organizations in a clear way to prevent work balancing and implementing. Have strong sanctions, which handle tight breaks, without going back.

The First Minister will require active ministries and departments to rapidly expand ideas and corrigendum ideas, corpses and SOEs to submit them to appropriate authorities to make changes directly to the rules of copyright appraisal. value of land, fairness value, balance sheet, capital elimination, financial regulation, salary, registration and registration rules; The rights and responsibilities of business leaders, governing bodies, owners' representatives … "The Government's executive spirit is to create positive situations on procedures, policies and laws for implementation; If there are any problems, they must be reviewed, proposed and modified immediately; At the same time, send the message strictly to the law, without obtaining legal holes and a recycling break in balance, movement .

The authorities, branches, areas, economic, corporations and the SEs by 31 December 2018 will send the agreement or application to the relevant authorities to approve plans for the reorganization of initiatives under their management . In accordance with the rules, including the progress, action groups, responsible person.

In cases where capital reduction is not recorded on the agreed lists, State Capital proprietor representative bodies will submit them to SCIC for a capital cash-order organization in accordance with the rules by 31 December, 2018.

In order to emphasize the work of the staff, organize officers in corporations, corpses and the First Minister, clearly there are good moral virtues of leaders, managers and representatives of the State's capital, "Organize people work, not to set up a home ". Undoubtedly to tell "front garden, backyard".

To be public, transparent in investment, financial management, supply, income distribution, work of staff; Especially in recording and & # 39; Implementing contracts with people related to law enforcement initiatives.

The Prime Minister asks the State Capital Regulation Committee of initiatives, services, branches, areas and agencies to consolidate scrutiny, review and guidance, to ensure publicity, transparency and treatment. It is very difficult to break. He really solved the SOEs, the slow investment projects, and # 39; loss of loss.

To disseminate periodic information on the balance and implementation of State initiatives, which will be the basis for monitoring and evaluating fairness and capital costs, removing problems and problems that may be & # 39; removing itself. today.

The Prime Minister of the Finance Ministry and the Government Office appointed to comment fully at the meeting and to complete the draft guidance on strengthening the reorganization, restructuring and restructuring of SOE, for the principal withdraw the status of State initiatives and send them to their Prime Minister for consideration and publication.

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