State service on Rudolf Maister's day in Maribor



22. nov. 2018 5:55

State service on Rudolf Maister's day in Maribor

On the occasion of the national holiday, Rudolf Maister's day, she will be hosted at the National Solo Theater Hall (SNG) in Maribor. This year, just a hundred years ago from the General's activity for northern Zipina's borders. The spokesman spokesman of the National Assembly Dejan Židan.

The art program was marked by the title & The Impressions of Patriotism & # 39; designed by the director Bojan Labović, who says that the main reason that comes from the question is whether it's turmoil or mental; in punishment.

The authority team, composed by the musician Vasko Atanasovski, musician and musician Petra Veber, lightweight and video photographer, David Orešič, designer Valentina Turcu and designer of Belinda Radulović, a & # 39; asks if he can be a girlfriend today.

At the event, the direct distribution of the first television series of Slovenia and Radio Slovenia, as well as the Radiotelevizija Slovenija website, can be accessed by old ancient church chairs, landlords and the Sovereign Orchestra at the top of state military policy.

Maribor celebrates November 23 as the day when General Rudolf Maister freed the home from the German authorities in 1918 and gave him to Slovenia. The fourth event will host the 2018 Year of Maister, which was held in March, with the aim of being able to; Showcase the importance of Mail for its & # 39; part of the country.

In the past eight months, many events were held in different locations in the city and across the country, as well as a literary competition and lectures on the Maister subject in schools across Slovenia.

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