State the hospital status before starting on Seville



Samuel Bastien, Renaud Emond and Gojko Cimirot should be able to face Sevilla.

For this game against Sevilla, Michel Muddy could be more than expected. On Monday, the technical staff could report Samuel Bastien and Renaud Emond. A first slow look is & # 39; begins to sink and it can be a great deal if its vision is quite perfect, and it does not That's never the case against the German speakers. The second, who was suffering from the neck, discharges his illness and should start his place at the end of the attack. Sebastien Pocognoli could also be part of the election, even if he needs to go to a specialist for submitting … in three weeks.

Gojko Cimirot seems to be taking a positive part. The midfielder was in advance of Saturday due to a lamb found at the knee. He can not participate in the & # 39; The first group of training is a week but is expected behind the Academy on Tuesday. If this is true, there is no doubt that it will be possible to hold a place against Sevilla.

Razvan Marin's ankle form evaluation, Eupen's face pack, day to day but his condition had been in a position; Developing a lot of this Sunday night, which offers special hope throughout the Meuse.

As expected, Luis Pedro Cavanda, despite a shoulder pain, had to be able to do it. threw the shirt on Monday and can not play a game against the Andalusians, which Konstantinos Laifis should have to clear to stay on the left.

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