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In addition to Berraf, the African branch of the African branch of the IOC will also include Camaronian Kalkaba Malboum, Lundia Nsekera Burundian and Botswana Negroes Malealea Kgosietsile.

There are four candidates, including Algerian Mustapha Berraf, a & # 39; Appeal for the position of President of the African National Olympic Games Association (ANOCA), during the elections scheduled for the IAC meeting meeting of IOC, from Monday to Friday in Tokyo. In addition to Mustapha Berraf, president of the Olympic and Sport Committee of Algeria, his first former president of ANOCA and his president for several months, IOC's African branch also produces; worries Kalkaba Malboum Cameroon, an Lydia Nsekera Burundian. and Botswana Negroes Malealea Kgosietsile. Mustapha Berraf (64) was among the first one who nominated his application for ANOCA leader, and had been a member of the Executive Committee for five terms. As well as telling he is familiar with the house, becoming a former head of ANOCA and working on one number since Ivorian Lassana Palenfo has stated, Berraf seems to have been a & The support from a large number of peers on mainland, not only due to the aura of African tropical sand, but also on the ground. "Over the five agreements I have spent at ANOCA, I think I have had a clear insight into what this general subdivision can be a society that is even more respectful and more efficient. With my friends, we talked about this issue. And we agree that I should be a candidate and to enter your time more partner management, "said Mustapha Berraf, who Believe that it is likely to be selected to the end of his body. The four postposters are first committed, if elected, to strengthen the climate of "trust, integrate the continent and establish the principles of good governance." The fact is that the four major nominee candidates are in the local, continental and international sporting movement and each of them offers a wealthy and hopeful program for African sport, but the work of He has a great deal to stay up to expectations so that the young people of the continent will have fun; getting harder. In memory, ANOCA was disrupted at the summit several months ago. So, the selection of Ivorian Palenfo for a fourth term at the head of his body in May 2017 in Djibouti was turned off with his & her; The Sports Court for Sport (CAS) after long months of waiting, length & # 39; The sanctions had been said by ANOCA against Kalkaba Malboum, an election candidate was finally deducted to defer "breach of his code of conduct". It was sent to a & # 39; Chameronian for his help and government resources to achieve his campaign. Expenditure exposed to the end and the CAS renewed its rights. With regard to Palenfo, the amazing Synod General Assembly in Prague in November 2017 was erased for the lack of promotionality of the Djibouti elections, with twenty-two African Olympic committees or so led by the Djiboutian Olympic Committee President, Aisha Garad Ali. In all these cacophony there are representatives from the 53 nations that are the General Assembly of ANOCA who will meet in Tokyo for the person who guides and works for sports development in Europe election. An ANOCA Honorary Meeting will be held on Thursday, following a number of meetings of the IOC Executive Board related to the Tokyo-2020 Olympic Games. A press conference by IOC Thomas Bach CEO is run for Saturday.

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