Statin helps & # 39; heart, regardless of age


It is known that statin that reduces cholesterol is a help to cut heart risks for older and medieval people. Now, research is confirming that the evaluations also have a & # 39; Helps people aged 75 and over.

"Statin therapy has been shown to prevent cardiovascular disease in a wide range of people, but there is uncertainty about being effective and safeguarding among older people," said researcher Anthony Keech. He is a professor of cure, geography and epidemiology at the University of Sydney in Australia.

Reduced in major global events

He and colleagues at Oxford University in England analyzed the results of 28 major clinical tests of statins. The tests involved nearly 187,000 people in six age groups: younger than 55; 55 to 60; 60 to 65; 65 to 70; 70 to 75; and over 75.

"Our survey summarized all the evidence available from large exams to clarify this issue. We found that there was a huge reduction in absurd events in each of the six age groups that were consider, [who were] aged 75 at the beginning of the medicine, "said Keech in the Oxford news release.

Amongst the great and spectacular events that included heart attack, stroke and methods to clean up curved lines.

"Statin therapy seems to be just as effective in people over 75 years because it is in young people," said co-investigator Jordan Fulcher in the news release. She is a researcher of a Sydney University cardiovascular research researcher.

"We have a positive evidence that the statins benefit older people suffering from heart attack or strife. There were fewer healthy older people represented in these tests, and so there would be more information in this group of people helping to consolidate the benefits we see in our entire population trials, "he said.

Benefits to older people

Fulcher said that there is a randomly new test in Australia to investigate statins; voluntary expansion in healthy people.

The risk of serious aggression and stroke rises rapidly with age, but statins are not used as widely in older people as they should be, studying co-ordinator Colin Baigent said in the press release. He is a director of the Oxford Medical Research Council Public Health Research Unit.

"Because the risk of heart attack and stroke is increasing by age, the benefits that may be even more vulnerable to older people," he said.

"Therefore, there is a need to ensure that statin therapy is offered to patients who are at risk of cardiac illness due to age, if there is a good reason to believe that it will be beneficial, "said Baigent.

If there is any concern whether statin therapy is right for them, they should talk to the healthcare provider, he said.

The results were published The LancetSouth Westerly

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