Stavjaňa's coach after the Nitra season ends, down being Zlin t


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The coach HK Nitra and currently Antonín Stavjaňa should attend the Czech top hockey competition from the following year.

According to information from the Sport every day, an expert 58-year-old will take up the role of chief coach in PSG Berani Zlín.

It seems that one of this Moravian town is in place of Robert Svoboda on the bench, who has not received support to expand his collaboration. However, there is no final verification that Stavjaň came to Zlín. "I am now unable to prove any name. The remaining contract is in April 30," said the rams "rams". Jiří Šolc.

Employer Stavjaňov is currently replying promptly to the published information. "HK Nitra himself will deliver himself to any changes in the player's team and performance team, just after the current season. Stavjaňa coach has a contract with our club for the next season," which you think is mentioned HK Nitra on the official Facebook profile.

Stavjaňa started his career in Zlin in his own world and marked the title of a competition in the 2003/2004 season as his club's sport manager. He continued in the Czech Republic with Trinec, Karlovy Vary and Ceske Budejovice, in Slovakia, trained Trencin, Nitra, Slovan Bratislava and Kosice.

He was awarded the greatest success in the current situation when he received the same Slovakian title to the "Corgon" in 2015/2016. He is currently in the semi-finals with Nitra, in the line-up Zvolen, has 1: 1 for games.



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